Favourite Veg Lasagna

Of all the recipes I have ever shared, this one might be the favourite…for good reason! It’s the perfect lasagne (I think a lot of you agree? …I’ve loved seeing your pics on Instagram!). Thanks to a few tricks, it’s pretty … Continued

Vegan Small Business Mentor Night

Zach Berman of The Juice Truck and I are so excited to announce our first mentor event for small vegan businesses owners in Vancouver on February 13th. We know how hard it can be to start your own company and we … Continued

Avocado-stuffed Jalapeno Poppers

These are not your average jalapeno poppers! If you’re looking for an appetizer to make for football’s biggest day of the year, or just a regular ol’ Friday night, these deeply flavourful bites made with buttery, perfectly ripe Avocados from Mexico will be … Continued

Virtuous Pie Launches New Summer Menu

As it heats up, we naturally crave lighter and more refreshing flavours. With this in mind, our culinary team has designed a new summer menu to satisfy those cravings – it launched Wednesday, June 26th! “Summer is always exciting as it means … Continued

Vegan and Pregnant Q&A — Four Weeks To Go!

Currently at the stage where everyone seems to think I’m about to ‘pop’ when really there are about four weeks left. I don’t mind…just getting excited! I can’t imagine this bump getting much bigger though! It feels the same size now as … Continued