How To Make Cauliflower Buffalo Wings

Let’s talk chicken wings. Why are they so popular? Do diners love them for the chicken, or is it the sauce? I’m a wholehearted believer that it the sauce that renders them so addictive. Along with the creamy dipping sauce, of … Continued

Celebrities Love This Vancouver Pie Company

Jenell Parsons is effective in satisfying celebrity pie cravings in Vancouver. “Delivering to the largest yacht in the world is pretty exciting,” says the 36-year-old entrepreneur whose handmade products have been requested by apple pie-loving American philanthropist Dennis Washington multiple times. … Continued

How To Make Creamy, Homemade Almond Milk

Once you’ve made your own almond milk, you may not be able to drink any other milk ever again! The first time I made it home, I felt like I was tasting almond milk for the very first time. It’s healthy, creamy, bears … Continued


If you’re a regular at the Vancouver Farmers Markets, you know that every means new colourful offerings to the farmers’ tables. Newly in season this February are spinach, beets, apples, cabbage, pears, rosemary, sage, turnips and lots more. I see many beautiful salads in our … Continued

Potato Pizza with Lemony Homemade Pesto

How sinful does potato pizza aka carbs on carb sound? It’s not the kind of meal you want to eat every day, but after a long wet run this morning, I can tell you…it seriously hit the spot. Plus, portion control … Continued