Creamsicle Nice Cream

Creamsicle has got to be one of my favourite flavours of all time…maybe because it’s so nostalgic. That smooth, creamy orange flavour takes me right back to the summers of childhood, eating popsicles at my Granny’s house. Here’s a healthier … Continued

Watermelon Mint Water

Last night, we treated ourselves to a rare spa visit. I can’t say I’m a ‘spa kinda girl’ (darn impatience), but when I got there, I vowed to make it a more regular thing. While enjoying a pedicure (which is more … Continued

Vegan Buffalo Chicken Caesar Wraps

Let me start by saying I’m not a big connoisseur of fake meat products. But, when you’re craving a vegan buffalo chicken caesar wrap, meatless chicken strips do come in handy… I’m not just talking any craving, though. I’m talking a … Continued

Minimalist Baker Is Coming to Vancouver!!!

It’s safe to say I don’t remember ever being this excited for a cooking event… My all-time favourite cookbook author and recipe blogger, Dana Shultz aka Minimalist Baker, is coming to Vancouver!! I’m thrilled to be hosting the event with her and … Continued

Mindful Movie Night 13: The Champions

The next Mindful Movie Night is just around the corner! The Juice Truck and I are excited to feature The Champions, a documentary about dog stereotyping and how this species is so much more forgiving of ours than we could ever be … Continued