15 Things To Love About The Settlement Building in Railtown

With its magestic white walls and cavernous wooden windows, The Settlement Building sits in the heart of Railtown – and near the upcoming Strathcona Village – like a castle.

In under three years, the collection of young companies housed within this 90-year-old, warehouse-chic space have, together, grown into one of Vancouver’s food and beverage powerhouses.

With four, forward-thinking (not to mention delicious) brands — Postmark BrewingFreshTAP, Roaring Twenties Wine Co, Belgard Kitchen — 55 Dunlevy has become a destination for the beerhound, the wine savvy and the foodie.

There are many things to love about The Settlement Building, but I’ve narrowed it down to fifteen.

1. The Inspired Food at Belgard Kitchen

Chef Reuben Major has travelled the world honing and familiarizing his palate with global flavours. The proof lies on his solid, multicultural lunch menu (tortilla soup, Asian slaw, Korean rice bowl) and 20-item dinner menu (charcuterie, hummus, ruby red beet dip), which was built for social eating. The food here is anything but dull.


2. Mindful Ingredient Sourcing

Chef Reubs takes the motto “support thy neighbour” to heart. His suppliers include BC-based Wild Ocean, Mikuni Wild Harvest and Emma Lea Farms. Even his leather-adorned kitchen aprons are made locally (across the street at Union Wood Co.) Pictured: Chinatown Slaw

3. The Mighty Korean Rice Bowl

This dish is hearty, filled with veggies and topped with an egg. Instant winner in my books. The sriracha and bbq sauce lathered rice is extra satisfying washed down with a cold glass of Postmark’s crisp Saisonella.


4. Indulgent Weekend Brunch 

…enjoyed on a couch comfier than the one you dragged yourself out of (see below). As for food, the Ocean Wise Salmon Gravlax Hash (with soft-poached eggs) is making a name for itself in this discerning neighbourhood.


5. But That Couch…

Cross-border Restoration Hardware warehouse shopping totally paid off for co-founders Steve Thorp and Mike MacQuisten, who’ve built their business from the ground up. This couch is to die for…and it comes with a pillow and blankie. (Fabulous couch modelling, Britt!)

6. Wine on Tap (It’s Green!)

Just think about how many bottles, corks, and cases are saved every day thanks to the FreshTAP system. I’d say it’s worth raising a glass to (and at Belgard, you’ve got 36 wines to choose, 33 of which are local).


7. A Certain “Je Ne Sais Quoi”

Dinner or drinks at The Settlement Building is sensory overload for the eyes and palate. With a room so grand, co-founder Steve Thorp says it’s hard not to catch diners gawking at the interior throughout their meal. And with little to no marketing, The Settlement Building remains an exciting discovery for the masses.


8. Craft Beer Made in House by Postmark

The closer to the source, the better it tastes. Postmark Brewing, one of the young brands housed by Strathcona Village’s Settlement Building, is Vancouver’s newest craft brewery. At three-months-old, they’re offering six beers on tap, including a Wit, a Stout, an IPA and a Hefe)

9. Stylish Growlers and Equally Cool Leather Bike Carriers

For the beer-loving cyclist in your life. Almost too perfect, right? Made by Union Wood Co., it’s no big surprise these holders ($80) are really cool.


10. A Lovely Aesthetic (That Will Make You Seem Savvy & In-The-Know)

Hosting out-of-towners? This is one space that is guaranteed to impress the vast majority of humans beings. With its vintage fireplace, rugged wooden tables and wistful antique decorations, there are nearly too many details to admire.

11. An Outdoor Growler Fill-Up Station (For Inconspicuous Pick-Ups)

Now you can get your hands on good beer any night of the week without out having to change out of your comfy pants and risk seeing someone you know inside the building.

12. A Safe Spot for Your Pooch (When Separation Anxiety is at Its Worst)

The outdoor growler fill-up station guy can totally double as a dog-sitter while you drink and eat.

13. Easily Pretend You’re Starring in a Game of Thrones Episode



14. The Epic Fireplace

Stolen straight from my imaginary dream home. I’m picturing candlelit autumn nights here, sipping wine around this beauty of a fireplace (which was luckily left behind by the space’s previous vintage-curating tenants).


15. Glorified Gift Shop

While dining and drinking at Belgard Kitchen, stock up on hostess gifts for the following night’s dinner party. Choose from house-bottled Roaring Twenties Wine Co., leather bike carriers, hats, Postmark growlers, gourmet crackers and chocolate.

For more information on Strathcona Village (900 E. Hastings), visit www.strathconavillage.com to register and follow the hashtag #StrathconaVillage online for more updates on other local gems and more.

And…contest time!

A $100 gift certificate to Belgard Kitchen is up for grabs. To enter, post a picture to Instagram with the hashtag #StrathconaVillage and tell us what you love about the Gastown, Chinatown and/or Railtown neighbourhoods. We’re giving away a $100 gift certificate each week for the next six weeks, so stay tuned to my Instagram account (@erinireland) for updates. The first winner will be announced on Monday, September 22nd. Good luck!

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