3 Healthy, Easy-to-Make Party Foods for Summer

Here are a few of my favourite summer party foods that are so easy to make, you won’t even need a recipe. They are so foolproof, all you need to do is watch my quick demo on CTV and you’ll be able to get busy in the kitchen.

1. Frozen dairy-free chocolate-dipped bananas with nuts
2. Coconut watermelon slushie cocktail
3. Beet stem pesto

Also making an appearance in this segment is my favourite new kitchen toy, a Kitchenaid Torrent Blender. This machine is so powerful, you don’t need need a stir wand to help ingredients blend smoothly. My favourite feature, however, is the pre-programmed settings. There’s a smoothie button, a sauce button, a milkshake button and more. Once you secure the base within the front-loading machine, you click the appropriate button, and it will do it’s thing, and then turn off automatically when your creation is ready. So you don’t have to stay with the machine, holding the top, waiting for your smoothie ingredients to be blended.

Watch my CTV Morninv Live demo segment here

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