33 Acres Brunch is Quality over Quantity

When any restaurant posts a two-item brunch menu and their dining room is jam-packed upon opening at 11am on a Saturday, chances are it’s going to be good.

33 Acres Brewery, located on 8th Avenue in Mount Pleasant, offers an Avocado Smash (that’s plenty of avocado on delicious thick-cut Nelson the Seagull sourdough) and Beer waffles, a recipe that varies from week to week. Top your brekkie with a poached egg, crispy bacon, or a scoop of seriously good Earnest Ice Cream.

33 Acres proves that, when your brunch menu offerings are so fabulous, you really don’t need to serve more than a handful of items.

Of course, 33’s focus is beer and many a fellow bruncher was indulging in one of their three house-brewed selections. Matchstick pour-overs are also on offer, as are super fresh Cartems donuts that are delivered daily.

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This story was written for The Peak Radio

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