5 Strathcona Village Restaurant Gems You Should Get to Know

With so many great restaurants in Strathcona Village, it’s tough narrowing my “favourites list” down to five. Here are a handful of eateries (as seen featured on CTV Morning Live) that are either under the radar, have a second location you might now know about, or have something new and exciting in the works. The one thing they all have in common is that they are absolutely fabulous.

Watch the live segment on CTV here


Must order: Potato Vermicelli with oyster mushrooms and cilantro sauce and a Post Opium cocktail

Lost and Found
Must order: Avocado Kale Salad with chickpeas and pecans or the Pear Walnut (and of course, one of grandma’s cinnamon buns! …washed down with a Coconut Date Smoothie)

Must order: Jerk Chicken and a Dark & Stormy Cocktail

Finch’s Market
Must order: Pear Walnut Sandwich

Crackle Creme
Must order: Liege Waffle


For more information on Strathcona Village (900 E. Hastings), visit www.strathconavillage.com to register and follow the hashtag #StrathconaVillage online for more updates on other local gems and more.

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