Amanda Tapping: Sanctuary’s Sci Fi Queen

Erin's outfit provided by Oliver & Lilly's |

Now, this is a classy woman.

Amanda Tapping — also known as this generation’s ‘Sci Fi Queen’ — is not only beautiful; she’s kind, courteous, polite, sweet, genuine, natural, funny, and she knows good sushi (Zen), which in my books, makes her a 10.

Despite being fairly unfamiliar with Sanctuary, the TV series in which she stars, I could tell immediately upon meeting her why she’s a fan favorite.

The surprise diet ginger ale burp that kicked off my FMA interview with Amanda Tapping didn’t faze the 5’9” British-born actor in the slightest.  In fact, she laughed and asked if there were more to come.

Here are a few of my behind the scenes shots from the set of Sanctuary:

Amanda has a philanthropic nature and supports many charities. One of her latest projects is a fundraiser calendar, including eleven other Vancouver women, called Pinups for Pink! You can buy it here.

Amanda Tapping, Erin Cebula, & myself at Pinups for Pink! launch party

Revealing our Pinups For Pink! calendar pages at the breast cancer fundraiser

You can follow Amanda on Twitter here. Follow me, too, for future updates!

Ciao for now.

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