Amay’s House: A Somewhat Hidden Burmese Restaurant Gem in Vancouver

If you’re looking to mix-up your lunch routine, or perhaps try a new type of cuisine this week, you must consider Amay’s House, an unassuming family-owned Burmese restaurant on Victoria Drive.

Judging by the modest room, you might not expect the food here to be so beautiful, and so ridiculously delicious. On a recent visit I described it to my lunch partner as ‘the best lunch I’ve had in a while’.

Must order dishes include the Myanmar tea leaf salad with fermented tea leaves, tomato, cabbage, crunchy beans and nuts. It’s so jam-packed with satisfying texture that I recommend ordering two (plus, the portion is pretty small).

I also loved the Burmese pickled mango salad with fresh cilantro and roasted sesame seeds. The saucy and super rich Basil Eggplant stir fry knocked our socks right too, with its house-made sweet chili sauce.

After enjoying four back to back winning dishes, I started to wonder if Chef Hihaa Kyaw could go wrong.

This story was written for 102.7 The Peak


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