An “In The Moment” Road Trip to BC’s Wine Country Courtesy of Lincoln Motor Company

One of the best father-daughter trips of my life started with this email…

The Lincoln Motor Company would like to give you access to an all-new 2015 Lincoln MKC and plan a day of surprise activities for a special someone in your life.”

I immediately thought three things:

  1. Sweet campaign.
  2. Lucky me.
  3. Though I typically report on nothing but food…an opportunity to treat a loved one to a once-in-a-lifetime experience? I couldn’t say no! Their ask of me? To document my activities on social media and blog about the MKC driving experience. I was more than happy to oblige, especially since our destination was wine country (winery restaurant recos below!).

My road trip companion: this guy. My amazing, incredible, perfect Dad.

My dad has always been there for me. I remember when he’d drop me off at elementary school and ask, “Are you going to have a great day?” Stubbornly, I’d reply that I didn’t know yet since the school day hadn’t begun. He told me that if I told myself I was going to have a good day, then I would have a great day. Throughout my life, I’ve admired his positive attitude so much. And he’s always been one of my greatest supporters. Before every high school basketball game, I needed a ‘dad pep talk’. When I craved anything at all, I could count on him to cook it. During my mission to win a volleyball scholarship to an American university, he was the one who connected the dots and helped make it happen. And even today, as I hunt for bakery real estate, he’s the one pounding the pavement, driving around in search of ‘for lease’ signs. Sometimes I don’t know how I got so lucky. Clearly, he was the perfect partner for the Lincoln MKC adventure.

Off We Drove to BC’s Wine Country, In an Appropriately Coloured ‘Wine Red’ Lincoln MKC


Thoughts on Lincoln’s 2015 MKC

My dad’s a car guy. He’s even a decent amateur auto-mechanic. I, on the other hand, am no expect. But I do know what feels good to drive. Scroll down for more trip pictures and winery recommendations.

First Impressions

  • Driving the Lincoln MKC felt extremely smooth and quiet (thanks to a technology I later read about called Active Noise Control). This was clearly a luxury vehicle.
  • Maneuvering was a breeze! So light and easy. My own car felt like a tank in comparison. Driving it down three levels of parking to our spot is almost a work-out.
  • Though it looks like a compact SUV, it drives like a smaller car (turning radius was great).

Favourite Features

  • The Lincoln MKC key does not have to be placed in the ignition. As long as it’s on you somewhere, the car will turn on when you press the magic button. No more rummaging through pockets and purse to find that little devil!
  • At night, approach the vehicle (with key in hand or in purse) and exterior lighting automatically brightens when you’re two and a half meters away (also great for locating your vehicle when you’re lost).
  • The panoramic glass moon roof is beautiful and allows tons of natural light into the vehicle.
  • We didn’t use the voice-activated phone control, but this feature would certainly come in handy often.
  • The rear camera that turns on while reversing is a serious luxury and great accident-prevention feature.
  • Lots of trunk space (fitting up to 10 cases of wine! …kidding, I’m not actually sure how many cases fit.)
  • A full tank of gas cost just $60.

Truly ‘Next Level’ Features

  • The Lincoln MKC comes with ‘Adaptive Cruise Control and Collision Warning’. This means that sensors detect traffic slowing down ahead of you and automatically slows the car down. Also, if it senses a potential collision with the car in front of you, a warning light flashes on the windshield (at first this was startling!) and brake lights go on automatically. Talk about smart car!
  • No more gear shifting with the Lincoln MKC — all you have to do is push buttons! It was unusually easy to drive and felt quite futuristic.
  • We didn’t use the SYNC with MyLincoln Touch feature, but it sounds neat (allowing you to personalize your driving experience from entertainment to climate with voice commands).
  • The Lincoln MKC’s ‘Lane Keeping System’ can detect when you’re drifting out of your lane and warn you with a vibrations in the steering wheel. Amazing. This feature could save lives.

Another huge thanks to Lincoln Motor Company for inviting us to be a part of their campaign. We will never forget this trip! Learn more about the new 2015 MKC here.

Two New Winery Restaurants To Visit in the Okanagan

Liquidity Winery Bistro
Look out the dining room window and you might think you’re in Italy the way the rolling hills criss-cross for miles. This restaurant’s design is crisp, clean and modern with art installations speckling the property. The cuisine, touted as classic Canadian with a focus on local ingredients, matches its stunning surroundings. Must tries: Warm Olives, Cioppino, Liquidity Pinot Noir.

The Vanilla Pod Restaurant at Poplar Grove Winery
Where Mediterranean flavours combined with Okanagan ingredients (including fresh herbs picked from Vanilla Pod’s adjoining garden) are beautifully presented in a modern dining room overlooking Okanagan Lake. Bonus: fireplace. Must try: Crispy Potato Cakes. Tip: Add candied salmon to potato cakes. 

Where to Stay in Penticton: A Truly Magical Bed & Breakfast

God’s Mountain
Perched high on a hill, surrounded by vineyards overlooking Lake Skaha, God’s Mountain is a bed and breakfast for your bucket list. The 115 acre property is a a rustic Mediterranean-style escape that will transport you to Greece with its white structures and eclectic decor, curated by Sarah, the most lovely owner, who is also an avid antique hunter. In summer, a stay in their “roofless room” is a must.


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