Best Ever Vegan Banoffee Pie

Of all the desserts I’ve ever tried, I truly can’t think of one that makes me weaker in the knees. Flavour-wise, it just couldn’t be more delicious. If you’re trying to impress your guests (or prove that vegan desserts are … Continued

The Best Tofu Feta Ever, Hands Down!

A fair share of my Instagram DMs are requests for the tofu feta recipe that I’ve demo’d a few times on stories. This feta is truly unlike any other ‘vegan feta’ you’ve ever tried!!! It tastes like cow feta, it … Continued

Virtuous Pie Introduces Small Plates

Fan favourites become staples on the plant-based menu Plant-based restaurant Virtuous Pie, best known for its pizzas and ice cream, is expanding its menu to include a dozen small plates. The new additions feature many of the ingredients customers have … Continued