Baby Bedroom: Roen’s Nursery Details

When it came to having a baby, I felt clueless about a lot of things. Creating a nursery was one of these!! I had no idea how to start putting this room together. So, I put it off and the room remained a storage room of sorts until I was about six months pregnant.

It was at this point when I met designer Karla Dreyer. She’d featured our home on, an online magazine she contributes to, and offered her e-design assistance when she saw that, besides the Stokke crib, the Monte Jackson rocking chair and the dresser, Roen’s room was a blank canvas! Being a mom of two young girls, Karla was the perfect designer to team up with! Not only did she help with the design, she shared some great “mom” advice for nursery necessities.

Over email, we traded baby room ideas then met at West Coast Kids for an in-person shop. If you’re looking for a designer who will make the daunting task of design a chill and fun experience, Karla’s is amazing! She’s got the design experience and she took the time to weave it together with my vision. She made it feel fun, easy and stress-free with a “YES” kinda attitude. Highly recommend Karla!

Back to Roen’s room…it has become the happy place of our home. It’s cozy, bright, peaceful…and just because it’s a ‘baby room’ didn’t mean we had to sacrifice personal ‘style’. The soft rug, comfy rocking chair and (of course) a bed for Effie, makes it a special family space that we all like to hang in.

The major pieces of furniture (crib, bassinet, dresser, change-table) came together as part of the Stokke Home concept, which is genius because it takes you from newborn to age five—no more bed shopping for at least five years (phew). The crib holds the bassinet (which can be removed once outgrown) then transforms into a toddler bed. There’s also a tent you can affix to the frame which creates a fort-like feel (my childhood dream). The furniture is compact and doesn’t take up the entire nursery — it was also just so nice and easy to get all three pieces of furniture together as a set. No brainer.

As for the mattress, this was an easy decision, too. We went with Nook’s Pebble Pure because it’s certified organic, breathable and hypoallergenic…no porous plastics or toxic fire retardants. It’s made with coconut coir (a natural fibre extracted from the husk of coconut) and natural latex foam which help reduce moisture in the crib (sweet baby sweat) to help prevent Roen from overheating.

I’d go on but Western Living Condo writer Haley Cameron tells our home design story so much more eloquently that I can! Here’s her article that includes more details on Roen’s room and the rest of our town home.

Crib: Stokke. Mattress: Nook Sleep. Crib sheet: West Coast Kids. Pom pom pillow: West Coast Kids. Other pillows: Nineteen Ten. Rocker: Monte Jackson from West Coast Kids. Rocker pillow: Nineteen Ten. Side table: Nineteen Ten. Bamboo poof: IKEA. Wallpaper: Anewall. White festive lights: Spirithouse on Main Street (I think!). White lamp: IKEA. Hanging light fixture: IKEA. Four-legged baby: Mexico. Black basket: Nineteen Ten. Stuffie in basket: Tuk + Milo.


Dresser: Stokke. Knit lamb: from Grammy. Curtains: IKEA. Wall prints: alykat creative.

Rocking chair: Monte Jackson

Mattress: Nook Sleep’s Pebble Pure. Pom-pom pillow: West Coast Kids. Other pillows: Nineteen Ten.

Nursing sweater: BOOB Design. Roen’s black pants and hat: VonBon. Roen’s PB and Jay shirt: Late Slip Co.


Decorative deer motif: Nineteen Ten.

Artsy blocks: Nineteen Ten. Purple rattle: Tuk + Milo. Basket: Nineteen Ten.







Ferris wheel music box, side table: Nineteen Ten.

Pillows left: Nineteen Ten. Pillow bottom right: Tuk + Milo. Tent: Sweet Charlie (thank you Auntie Kate!). Blanket: Nineteen Ten.

Shoes: Native.

All images: Janis Nicolay

Thanks to Stokke for providing the Home Concept, to Nook for supplying the mattress and to Karla Dreyer for offering up her design services. All opinions are my own! (I would never recommend any of the above if I was not fully satisfied.)

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