Beaucoup Bakery Adds Two New Cookies to Already Awesome-Lineup

Vancouver’s beloved Beaucoup Bakery has added two new cookie flavours to their already deadly line-up: Browned Butter & Kinako Shortbread and Toasted Buckwheat Chocolate Chip Cookie (both $2.25 each)

Cookie boxes will be available by preorder beginning November 12 for $35 and they’ll include:

2 x Peanut Butter Cookie Sandwich
2 x Browned Butter & Kinako Shortbread
2 x Toasted Buckwheat Chocolate Chip Cookie
2 x Salted Rosemary Chocolate Cookie
1 x 1L Avalon Organic Milk

Orders must be placed one day in advance and this offer is only available between November 12th to Dec 24th. 

This information was provided by Manson Communications

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