Best Dim Sum in Vancouver According to The Chefs

Are you celebrating the Chinese New Year with a family dim sum date in Vancouver? Consider heading to one of the favourite spots of a top local chef. Here are Chinese restaurant recommendations from the tastemakers of our city, as well as tips on what to order.

Chef Andrea Carlson of Burdock & Co and Harvest Union

Fisherman’s Terrace | 4151 Hazelbridge Way (Aberdeen Center), Richmond

Andrea says, “I haven’t had anything that I don’t like here. The shrimp and pea tip bean curd wraps are amazing. Their char sui pastry is some of the lightest and flakiest. They also do a beautiful ginkgo nut and vegetable in broth. By the way, shark fin soup is no longer on menu.”


Chef David Hawksworth of Hawksworth

Kirin | 201-555 W 12th Ave, Vancouver

David recommends the pea shoots with garlic, all the dumplings, fried rice with scallop and egg white, salt and pepper squid and the king crab.


Chef J-C Poirier of Ask for Luigi etc.

Bing Sheng | 1800 Renfrew St, Vancouver

J-C recommends the taro and shrimp fritters, the shu mai, spicy green beans and braised short ribs.


Chef Angus An of Maenam and Longtail Kitchen

Dynasty | 108-777 W Broadway, Vancouver

Angus says its hard to explain his menu recommendations in English. His picks are clearly authentic!


Pastry Chef Jackie Kai Ellis of Beaucoup Bakery

Rainflower | 3600 No 3 Rd, Richmond

Jackie recommends you try the beef ball with tangerine.


Chef Vikram Vij of Vij’s etc.

Kirin | 201-555 W 12th Ave, Vancouver

Vikram loves their hot and sour soup to start and the pork buns.


Chef Ned Bell of Yew

Sun Sui Wah | 3888 Main St, Vancouver

Ned recommends ordering the veggie mushrooms offerings, sticky rice and char sui bah.


Chef Pino Posteraro of Cioppino’s

Dynasty | 108-777 W Broadway, Vancouver

Pino recommends the dumplings, which are home made.


Chef Chris Whittaker of Forage

Kirin (Starlight Casino) | 350 Gifford St, New Westminster 

Chris says, “The fried chicken cartilege is usually the first thing I order! And duck feet in chili oil.”



Fisherman’s Terrace | 4151 Hazelbridge Way (Aberdeen Center), Richmond

Alex recommends any of their shrimp dishes, such as their har gow, steamed shrimp dumplings with dried scallop and spinach.


As for Chinese New Year desserts, head to one of Thomas Haas’ locations where you’ll find beautiful, festive creations like this Good Fortune Mandarin Orange.


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