Best Food In Vancouver

Looking for somewhere to eat in Vancouver? Don’t settle for anything less than “to die for”. Here’s a complete list for any craving.

Best Cafés (Coffee) in Vancouver

We, in the land of fresh mountain air and salty sea breezes, LOVE OUR JAVA. And apparently it is no longer a club secret. Recently named Vancouver as one of the world’s top 10 best cities for coffee.

With the sophistication of our beautiful, world-class city has come a revolution in what we expect from our coffee experiences. Appeal is not determined by brew alone. True coffee culture aficionados seek decor & design, ambiance, ethical sourcing, unique brewing techniques, quality baked goods, and of course basics like cleanliness and good service.

The following exclusive selections include ONLY spots that hit the mark high in each category. Artigiano and JJ Bean are also solid options for great coffee, but aren't listed below because of their vast number of locations. View Artigiano's locations here, and JJ's here.

Best Brunch in Vancouver

Vancouver is home to many good brunch spots. Those listed below are in a different category: they are outstanding. Of course, we all look for different things in a brunch spot. What does our 'dream spot' look like? It's often independent and led by a passionate owner. It's often based within a cool space (good design just makes food taste better, no?). And most importantly, the food -- the food has got to be top notch and it's got to include plant-based options. We're talking good, exciting plant-based options! Coffee is also key. If a restaurant serves good coffee made by an actual barista (and they offer dairy-free creamer that didn't come from a tetra-pack), chances are they are a shoe-in for this list. Hope you find this list helpful. Happy bruuuuunching!!!! You might also be interested in my best brunch lists for GastownChinatownKitsilano, South GranvilleMain StreetEast VanCommercial Drive, and Squamish.  

Best Lunch Spots in Vancouver

Searching for Vancouver's best lunch spots? Whether you're in need of a restaurant ideal for a business meeting, a TGIF-style meal with co-workers or something healthy, grab 'n go-style, you'll find it on this list...

Best Restaurants (Casual) in Vancouver

Vancouver's restaurant scene has come a long way over the past 15 years. Average restaurants no longer survive in this town, and new, exciting restaurants concepts are constantly on the horizon. Here's a list of our favourite casual restaurants in Vancouver.

Best Restaurants (Upscale) in Vancouver

Vancouver’s Most Romantic Restaurants

Some of the most romantic memories you can create with your honey (or honey-to-be) are at cozy restaurants. The key is finding locations where you can cuddle up side-by-side, sip lots of wine and get really, really comfortable. Here is a list of Vancouver's most romantic restaurants so you can do just that.