Best Cafés (Coffee) in Kitsilano & Point Grey

Some of Vancouver’s most famous cafes are found in Kitsilano. Naturally, the city’s best baristas gravitate to this neighbourhood. Here are some of the best coffee shops in Vancouver.

Thomas Haas (Kitsilano)

Thomas Haas Patisserie

2539 W. Broadway | 604-736-1844 $$ | Bakery

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Desserts found here are the work of perfectionists, trained by local pastry chef legend, Thomas Haas. Expect to be blown away -- and to wait in line.

49th Parallel Roasters Cafe (Kitsilano)

Luckys Doughnuts

2152 W 4th Ave | 604-420-4901 $$ | Coffee Shop

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The coffee is fantastic but so is their house-made almond milk sweetened with dates. Try a sip by itself -- you may want to buy it by the bottle (which unfortunately isn't available).

Elysian (West 5th)

Elysian Coffee Kitsilano

1778 W 5th Ave | 604-734-1778 $$ | Coffee Shop

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True experts at their craft. People who know good coffee come here. House made baking is nice, too.

Be Fresh Local Market by SPUD

1900 W 1st Ave | 604-568-7783 $$ | Market / Cafe

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Home of The Juice Box Almond Milk latte - heaven in a mug!