Best Lunch Spots in Vancouver

Searching for Vancouver’s best lunch spots? Whether you’re in need of a restaurant ideal for a business meeting, a TGIF-style meal with co-workers or something healthy, grab ‘n go-style, you’ll find it on this list…

Best Lunch Spots in Chinatown and Strathcona

Looking for the best lunch restaurants in the charming and historic neighbourhoods of Chinatown and Strathcona? These casual joints are major crowd-pleasers.

Virtuous Pie

583 Main St | 604-620-0060 $$ | Pizzeria

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Plant-based pizza and ice cream joint serving creative pies like the 'Stranger Wings' with buffalo cauliflower, house-made nut-based mozzarella and blue cheese sauce. Feeling lazy? Virtuous Pie is available via DoorDash delivery.

Fat Mao

217 E Georgia St | 604-569-8192 $ | Noodles

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Chinese-Thai noodle bar from award-winning chef Angus An (Maenam, Longtail Kitchen, Freebird Chicken Shack) located in the heart of Chinatown. Open 11:30-9 seven days a week, this small restaurants offers six noodle soup entrees and a handful of side dishes, like Ma Po Tofu and Scallion Pancake with Curry. For a main, try their one plant-based option, the Coconut Mushroom Noodle soup made with Angus' incredible rice sheet noodles. Take-out is not available.

Harvest Community Foods

Harvest Community Foods Union Street

243 Union St | 604-682-8851 $$ | Market

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Chef Andrea Carlson's mini eatery and grocery is known for its ramen and noodles (the rice noodles with hazelnut, smoked chili and greens is my fav) and well-curated selection of local goods like Nuez Milk, Earnest Ice Cream and Yummus Hummus.

Finch's Market

Finchs Market Salads

501 E Georgia St | 604-558-1644 $$ | Market

A rustic, off-the-beaten path lunch cafe and grocery with made-to-order salads and epic sandwiches like Brie-Pear-Prosciutto-Walnut. In warm months pull-up a lawn chair and lounge the day away with an organic coffee from Finch's brass, eagle dome Bezzera espresso machine.

Matchstick (Chinatown)

Matchstick Chinatown Baking

213 E Georgia St | 604-336-0213 $ | Coffee Shop

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If good coffee is a lunchtime essential, head to Matchstick where sandwiches and salads (including vegan options) are available from 11am to 3pm. Their organic ingredients -- from suppliers like Urban Digs (eggs), Inner City Farms (produce) and Klippers Organic Farm (produce) -- are as local and seasonal as possible.

Best Lunch Spots in Gastown and Railtown

Looking for the best lunch spots in Gastown and Railtown? Behold, several options that are as funky as they are delicious.

Smallflower Cafe

47 W Hastings St | 778-379-7377 $$ | Vegan & Gluten Free Cafe

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A locally-owned bakery, sandwich shop and retail space featuring mainly vegan, 100% gluten free products. Their mini-market features rare vegan ingredients like plant-based bacon grease, smoked salmon and frozen pie crusts. Nine sandwiches grace the menu - try the BBQ tofu. Decadent vegan and gluten free cakes, pies, krispy squares, cupcakes, cookies and muffins and more are also on offer.

Nelson the Seagull

Nelson the Seagull Gastown

315 Carrall St | 604-681-5776 $ | Lunch

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A truly epic space decorated with vintage tables and chairs, festive bunting and other eclectic collector pieces. The house-made bread, made daily by self-taught baker and co-owner Jonathan Snelgar, is a highlight -- try it thick-cut in sandwich form or keep it simple with avocado on toast.

The Birds & The Beets

55 Powell St | 604-893-7832 $$ | West Coast

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A beautiful space with plenty of seating, decorated with floral bouquets (which are for sale) open from 7-6 on weekdays and 9-5 on weekends. House-made bread, baked daily, is the highlight. Try the charred veggie sandwich.

Lost + Found Cafe

Lost and Found Hastings

33 W Hastings St | 604-559-7444 $ | Restaurant Cafe

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A warehouse-style restaurant cafe dedicated to philanthropy, art, travel and homemade cooking. Owners Kane and Salomeh Ryan, a husband and wife team, serve organic Republica coffee, hearty salads, sandwiches and baking made with Kane's grandma's bread dough recipe.

Railtown Cafe

397 Railway St | 604-568-8811 $$ | Lunch

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One of our very favourite salad spots where the "build-your-own" salad concept is taken to the next level with gourmet ingredients like pickled cauliflower, crispy kabocha squash and roasted yams. House-made baked goods (chia bars, muffins, sticky buns etc.) are also especially good.

Acme Cafe

Gastown's Acme Cafe Baking

51 W. Hastings St. | 604-569-1022 $$ | Bakery

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Diner-style with a menu full of sandwiches (choose from ten), salads, soups and comforting classics like mac and cheese, shepherd's pie, etc. Save room for pie -- they have a few flavours to choose from every day.

Meat & Bread (Cambie)

Meat and Bread Vegetarian Sandwich

370 Cambie St | 604-566-9003 $$ | Lunch

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The Juice Truck

Abbott & Water | 604-719-8861 $$ | Juice Bar

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Looking for a light lunch? Try a thick, fruit-and-veg smoothie and a Culver City Salad at this beloved Gastown food truck.

Ask For Luigi

Spaghetti Nero

305 Alexander St | 604-428-2544 $$ | Italian

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A simple, one-room eatery where food is king. Chef and owner JC Poirier makes all pastas from scratch and sources high quality olive oils and local produce. His "less is more" attitude lets flavours shine. Try the Spaghetti Nero with octopus and grilled jalapeno.

Belgard Kitchen

Belgard Kitchen Asian Slaw

55 Dunlevy Ave | 604-566-1989 $$ | Fusion

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Best Lunch Spots in Kitsilano

Be Fresh Local Market by SPUD

1900 W 1st Ave | 604-568-7783 $$ | Market / Cafe

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East is East (Kitsilano)

East is East Broadway

3243 W Broadway | 604-734-5881 $$ | Lunch

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A dim, candle-lit location known for its coziness and pillow-covered seats. Vegetarians will enjoy the meat-free selections.

Nuba (Kits)

Nuba Restaurant Yaletown

3116 W. Broadway | 604-336-1797 $$ | Lebanese

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Nook (Kitsilano)

Nook Restaurant appetizer

1525 Yew St | 604-734-0099 $$ | Italian

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Peaceful Restaurant (Kitsilano)

2394 W 4th Ave | 604-559-9533 $$ | Casual Chinese

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Tractor Foods (Kitsilano)

Tractor Foods Interior Kitsilano

1903 W 4th Ave | 604-222-2557 $ | Lunch

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Prime spot to satisfy a salad craving. Tractor offers loads of colorful vegetable and grain-based salads, along with soups, stews and sandwiches.


Sejuiced Sandwich

1958 W 4th Ave | 604-730-9906 $ | Vegetarian

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A local favorite for quick, casual, healthy bites. The hummus avocado sandwich on moist gluten free buckwheat bread is a huge favorite. Smoothies and live juices made on the spot.

Fable Kitchen

1944 W 4th Ave | 604-732-1322 $$ | Canadian

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This Farm-to-Table restaurant may be small but when it comes to food, they think big. Their lunch menu is unique with a mouthwatering dish for everyone to try.

Thomas Haas (Kitsilano)

2539 W. Broadway | 604-736-1844 $$ | Bakery

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Desserts and pastries found here are the work of perfectionists, trained by local pastry chef legend, Thomas Haas. Expect to be blown away -- and to wait in line.

Whole Foods (Kitsilano)

2285 W 4th Ave | 604-739-6676 $$$ | Grocery Store

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Kibune Sushi

1508 Yew St | 604-731-4482 $$ | Japanese

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Maenam Thai Interior

1938 W 4th Ave | 604-730-5579 $ | Thai

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At Maenam, enjoy some of the best Thai-food Vancouver has to offer. If you're having 'that kind of lunch', try one of their famous cocktails.

The Bibo

1835 West 4th Ave | 604-568-6177 $$ | Italian

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Lunch time is Focaccia time at Bibo - you will not be disappointed!

Best Lunch Spots in Yaletown

Trying to determine which of Yaletown's restaurants are best for lunch? Here's a list of my favourites, which range from Greek to vegan and high-end sushi to casual Lebanese.

Nuba (Yaletown)

Nuba Restaurant Yaletown

1206 Seymour St. | 778-371-3266 $$ | Lebanese

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Small Lebanese joint with just a handful of seats. Choose from fragrant dishes like this curried eggplant or the big fav, deep fried cauliflower. Plates come with a slew of wonderful accompaniments like olives, slaw and hummus.

Ki Isu (Yaletown)

1275 Pacific Blvd | 604-899-0366 $ | Japanese

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A solid little sushi joint (good for dine-in or take-out) with a brown rice option. Their Salmon Cakes might be one of the best bites you ever take!

The Greek by Anatoli

1043 Mainland St | 604-979-0700 $$ | Greek

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ZEND Conscious Lounge

1130 Mainland St | 778-588-6688 $$$ | Vegan

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1239 Pacific Blvd. | 604-684-4446 $ | Vietnamese

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Tacofino (Yaletown)

1025 Mainland St | 778-379-8226 $$ | Mexican Fusion

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Best Lunch Spots Near Main Street and Mount Pleasant

Searching for Main Street's most beautiful and delicious lunch spots? This eclectic hood, chock full of hidden, independently-owned gems, is heaven no matter which type of cuisine you're craving.

33 Acres

15 W 8th Ave | 604-620-4589 $$ | Brewpub

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Local craft brewery whose cool factor transcends Vancouver. Its bright, minimalist space is an ideal backdrop for simple avocado-on-toast-style lunches, cold glasses of beer (try the IPA) or expertly-poured lattes (currently made using Heart Coffee Roasters espresso). And from 11:30-3:30 Monday to Friday, find a local food truck serving more lunch options out front.

Budgies Burritos

44 Kingsway | 604-874-5408 $ | Vegetarian Tacos

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Quick, simple, cheap and delicious burritos. What else is there to say?

East is East (Main St)

East is East Kitsilano

4433 Main St | 604-565-4401 $$ | Lunch

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East is East is inspired by the cuisine and cultures of the ancient Silk Route, a dream borne from Mustafa and Razaviah, siblings of Afghan descent. Have a cup of Chai after your meal in the relaxing space.

Glory Juice Co. (Mount Pleasant)

78 E 2nd St | 604-336-1003 $$ | Juice Bar / Cafe

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The Foundation

2301 Main St | 604-708-0881 $ | Vegetarian

The Juice Truck Cafe

Juice Truck

28 W 5th Ave | 604-719-8861 $$ | Vegan

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If a healthy lunch is what the doctor ordered, The Juice Truck Cafe is where you must visit. Of course, cold pressed juice and smoothies are on offer. More options include Spring Rolls, Hearty Salads, 'Almost Sushi', Acai Smoothie Bowls, Coconut Parfaits and ultra-satisfying raw vegan dessert bites. Their big community table, covered in cookbooks and cool material, is a great place to hang and make friends.

The Last Crumb Cafe

Last Crumb Cafe Interior

3080 Main St | 604-872-0195 $$ | Bakery

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Get this, instead of a sandwich for lunch (also available) you can get a sconewich...
Afterwards, try one of their treats with fun flavours (think peanut butter pie) and gluten free options.

Meet on Main (Main St)

4288 Main St | 604-877-1292 $$ | Vegetarian

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Nuba (Mount Pleasant)

146 E 3rd Ave | 604-568-6727 $$ | Lebanese

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Zipang Sushi

3710 Main St | 604-708-1667 $$ | Sushi

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Shanti's Curries

Shanti's Curries Main Street Vancouver

4191 Main St | 604-568-7699 $ | Indian

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In this friendly, family-run South Indian restaurant, all spices are ground on site and all chutneys are homemade in their teeny tiny kitchen. Plenty of vegan options.

Radicle Juice

3088 Main St | 604-879-2639 $$ | Juice Bar

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Best Lunch Spots on South Granville


Rangoli South Granville

1488 W 11th Ave | 604-736-5711 $$ | Indian

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Dining at Rangoli is a wonderful way to experience Vij's food without a two hour wait.

Heirloom Vegetarian

Heirloom Vegetarian Falafel Salad

1509 W 12th Ave | 604-733-2231 $$ | Vegetarian

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A beautiful dining room with plenty of light and seating. The vegetarian menu (with vegan and gluten-free options) is lengthy and tempting.

Meinhardt Fine Foods

Meinhardt Deli

3002 Granville St | 604-732-4405 $$$ | Grocery Store

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From the hardwood floors to the meticulously organized racks of high quality ingredients, South Granville's gourmet grocery store is a treat to shop at. The better-than-average deli meals are worth a try, too, if you're in a pinch.

Bob Likes Thai Food (Broadway)

1521 W Broadway | 604-558-3320 $$ | Thai

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Casual, award-winning Thai joint run guessed it, Bob!

Best Lunch Spots in Downtown Vancouver

With so many great lunch options in Vancouver's downtown core, which are best? Here's a list of our favourite restaurants serving lunch in the city center.

Latab Food

983 Helmcken St | 604-428-7004 $$ | Small Plates

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Latab is an oasis for good food in the desert-like area near St Paul's Hospital. Chef Kris Barnholden makes his own vinegars and flours. He forages, pickles and cures, too. Though small plates and natural wines are the focus here at Latab, eight small lunch bowls ($9 each) grace the menu from 11am onwards. Try the roast cauliflower with wheat berries, herbs and feta. Bows & Arrows coffee is also available to go or to stay.


620 Davie St | 604-568-7980 $$ | Vietnamese

@baoqieateri | Visit website


833 Granville St | 604-687-6622 $$$ | Japanese

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Yew Restaurant + Bar

791 W Georgia St | 604.692.4939 $$$ | Seafood

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Meat & Bread (Pender)

Meat and Bread Interior

1033 Pender St. | 604-566-9003 $$ | Lunch

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Tractor Foods (Marine Building)

335 Burrard St | $ | Healthy Fast Food

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The second location for Tractor Foods, a stylish cafeteria-style lunch spot serving at least eight different healthy salads (served by the scoop), sandwiches, soups and stews. Owners Steve and Meghan Clarke source locally and organically when possible, and they do offer several meat options, however their menu is plant-forward with many a gluten-free option.


Hawksworth Restaurant Dining Room

801 W. Georgia St. | 604-673-7000 $$$$ | Local

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845 Burrard St | 604-642-2900 $$$$ | Seafood

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Best Lunch Spots in Abbotsford

Where to find a great lunch in Abbotsford? This small Fraser Valley town has a handful of options, but this one is my favourite.

Duft & Co. Bakehouse

103-2636 Montrose Ave | 604-744-2443 $$ | Bakery Cafe

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Duft & Co. is an Abbotsford hotspot run by husband-and-wife team Tyler Duft and Cassie Crocco. He handles savouries, she mans the sweets. Lunch is served on weekdays and includes a menu of soups and sandwiches, like this Grilled Cheese with Jalapeno, basil pesto and roasted red pepper. Their bread is a highlight. Made in house, you can choose from at least eight different varieties.

Best Lunch Spots in Squamish

Driving through it, you might assume Squamish has little to offer. Wrong. Though small, there are a handful of gems that will satisfy the most discerning palates, whether you're on the hunt for health or comfort food. Here are my favourite lunch restaurants in Squamish.

Fergie's Cafe

70002 Squamish Valley Rd | 604-898-1537 $ | Comfort Food

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Tiny and adorable Fergie's Cafe offers brunch from 12-3 daily. Main seating is outdoors, which means during winters, prepare to eat lunch on their heated patio in the middle of a snow-covered backyard! It's quite invigorating. Their small, comfort-food menu will keep you warm. Try the veggie bowl with braised beans, yam, kale and a poached egg from Stony Mountain Farm just up the road.

Zephyr Cafe

38084 Cleveland Ave | 604-567-4568 $$ | Mainly Vegetarian

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Welcome to healthy bowl heaven! Zephyr Cafe is a progressive cafe whose menu encourages healthy (aka plant-based) eating. Choose from their falafel wrap, veggie chilli, big salads, rice bowls, lasagne, veggie burgers and raw pad thai. Flavour is not compromised here. You might even beg the staff for recipes like we did. Coffee, smoothies, beer and wine are also on offer.

Best Lunch Spots on The North Shore

On the hunt for North and West Vancouver's best lunch spots? From sandwich-specializing bakeries to gourmet groceries stores, here are our favourite spots.

The Workshop Vegetarian Cafe

296 Pemberton Ave | 604-973-0163 $$ | Vegetarian Japanese

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A bright and cheery, modern Japanese cafe serving breakfast and lunch Monday to Saturday from 8-6. This family-run business specializes in ramen (try the mushroom broth with shallot-truffle oil), but offers warm acai bowls, avocado toast, buddha bowls and baked goods, too -- all vegetarian with many vegan options. Short on an ingredient? They might stock it in their mini-market adjacent the dining room.


1449 Marine Dr | 604-708-5006 $$ | Japanese

| Visit website

Ki Isu (West Van)

1532 Marine Dr | 778-279-8843 $ | Japanese

| Visit website

Savary Island

1533 Marine Dr | 604-926-4021 $$ | Bakery

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Whole Foods (West Van)

925 Main St | 604-678-0500 $$$ | Grocery Store

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Temper Chocolate and Pastry

2409 Marine Dr | 604-281-1152 $$ | Bakery Cafe

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