Best Lunch Spots in Gastown and Railtown

Looking for the best lunch spots in Gastown and Railtown? Behold, several options that are as funky as they are delicious.

Smallflower Cafe

47 W Hastings St | 778-379-7377 $$ | Vegan & Gluten Free Cafe

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A locally-owned bakery, sandwich shop and retail space featuring mainly vegan, 100% gluten free products. Their mini-market features rare vegan ingredients like plant-based bacon grease, smoked salmon and frozen pie crusts. Nine sandwiches grace the menu - try the BBQ tofu. Decadent vegan and gluten free cakes, pies, krispy squares, cupcakes, cookies and muffins and more are also on offer.

Lost + Found Cafe

Lost and Found Hastings

33 W Hastings St | 604-559-7444 $ | Restaurant Cafe

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A warehouse-style restaurant cafe dedicated to philanthropy, art, travel and homemade cooking. Owners Kane and Salomeh Ryan, a husband and wife team, serve organic Republica coffee, hearty salads, sandwiches and baking made with grandma's bread dough recipe.

Railtown Cafe

397 Railway St | 604-568-8811 $$ | Lunch

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One of our very favourite salad spots where the "build-your-own" concept is taken to the next level with gourmet ingredients like pickled cauliflower, crispy kabocha squash, roasted yam and pesto bocconcini. Chef Dan Olson often cooks his sandwich meats using a sous-vide method and the house-made baked goods (chia bars, muffins, sticky buns etc.) are always fantastic.

Nelson the Seagull

Nelson the Seagull Gastown

315 Carrall St | 604-681-5776 $ | Lunch

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The ciabatta bread here is the star -- try it thick-cut in sandwich form or keep it simple with avocado on toast.

Acme Cafe

Gastown's Acme Cafe Baking

51 W. Hastings St. | 604-569-1022 $$ | Bakery

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Diner-style with a menu full of sandwiches (choose from ten), salads, soups and comforting classics like mac and cheese, shepherd's pie, etc. Save room for pie -- they have a few flavours to choose from every day.

Meat & Bread (Cambie)

Meat and Bread Vegetarian Sandwich

370 Cambie St | 604-566-9003 $$ | Lunch

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The Juice Truck

Abbott & Water | 604-719-8861 $$ | Juice Bar

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Looking for a light lunch? Try a thick, fruit-and-veg smoothie and a Culver City Salad at this beloved Gastown food truck.

Ask For Luigi

Spaghetti Nero

305 Alexander St | 604-428-2544 $$ | Italian

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A simple, one-room eatery where food is king. Chef and owner JC Poirier makes all pastas from scratch and sources high quality olive oils and local produce. His "less is more" attitude lets flavours shine. Try the Spaghetti Nero with octopus and grilled jalapeno.

The Birds & The Beets

55 Powell St | 604-893-7832 $$ | West Coast

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Belgard Kitchen

Belgard Kitchen Asian Slaw

55 Dunlevy Ave | 604-566-1989 $$ | Fusion

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