Best Valentine’s Day Gifts in Vancouver

Valentine’s Day is one of my favorite days of the year. It’s a great occasion to do something sweet for the one you love…this could be anyone from a mom to a lover. So, ignore the ads and the pressure to buy something big and expensive, and focus on being thoughtful.

Valentine’s Day Ideas For Vancouverites

1. A Romantic Dinner Out | Snuggling up over an amazing meal with your lover really is one of the most intimate activities out there. Click here for my list of romantic restaurants in Vancouver.

2. Dining In | Save some moula and get extra cozy by cooking at home. Head to Save On Meats for the best steak prices in town (tenderloin for $14.99/lb, New York striploin for $7.27/lb on special). Yew Sommelier Emily Patterson recommends Tinhorn Creek Cabernet Franc ($20) as a perfect pairing.

2. Mancakes | Non-frilly cupcakes that men won’t be embarrassed to eat, created by two Vancouver guys who noticed a void of bold, unique flavors in the industry. I never could’ve guessed how delicious Frank’s Red Hot could be in a baked good. You’ve got to try it to believe it. View all the manly flavors here and order online here.

3. Cake Bombs by Cupcakes | Brand new Valentine’s Day treats from everybody’s favorite cupcake girls, Heather and Lori. I may love them even more than cupcakes! With a firm chocolate exterior and an uber-moist cake center, you’ll go crazy for them.

4. A Chocolatey Date Night at Beta5 | Learn how to hand-paint chocolates and indulge in some of Beta5’s favourite creations. Each couple will hand-paint and take home their own box of 24 chocolates. Buy tickets here.

5. French Made Baking’s Rose Lychee Macarons | These trendy French desserts are the new ‘box of chocolates’. Head to Kingsway to try this intense special edition flavor from one of Vancouver’s brand new Parisian-owned bakeries.

6. Soirette’s Strawberry Champagne & Black Rose Macarons | Every girly girl must visit this sparkly new macaron and tea shop, complete with high-backed white banquettes, baby blue walls, and twinkling trimmings. The best part, however, is the macarons.

7. Cadeaux Bakery | Begin your V-day with pastries in bed! Cadeaux Bakery is the baby of former Chambar pastry chefs Eleanor Chow and Slavita Johnson. After tasting several of their creations, I’m convinced everything out of their ovens is delicious!

8. Love Crunch by Nature’s Path | Another great option for breakie in bed. The ‘Aloha’, with white chocolate, dehydrated pineapple, and coconut, is perhaps the most delicious granola I’ve ever had. Quite a treat!

9. Bacon Banana Bread Candy Grams from Save On Meats & To Die For Fine Foods | Remember the excitement of getting a Valentine’s candy gram in high school? Well, it’s back! For all you true Cupids out there, we’re are offering the chance to surprise your lovers or crushes with a special delivery of the brand new BB flavor and a sweet personalized message, to be read aloud if you choose. Click here for details.


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