Best Veggie Burgers in Vancouver

The humble veggie burger used to be an afterthought…a menu item created to appease the neglected vegetarian or vegan friend. But times have changed. The plant-based movement is in full swing as people become more aware of the impact that food choices have on their health and the environment. Whether you’re a #MeatlessMonday warrior or a full-time vegan, the veggie burger options in Vancouver are impressive. With so many ingredients to choose from, veggie burgers can be born through creative combinations of a wide array of ingredients, like brown rice, mushrooms, yams and black beans. However, they mix it or mash it, here are our Top Picks for Veggie Burgers in Vancouver: 

Alibi Room

157 Alexander St | 604-623-3383 $$ | Modern Tavern

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Pioneers of Vancouver's craft beer movement, The Alibi is, hands down, one of our very top picks when it comes to veggie burgers. Boasting an amazing house made patty, chili mayo, lettuce and house-made zucchini pickles, it might just be perfect. And the killer fries and slaw that come on the side are like icing on the cake. Pro tip: add mushrooms to your burger and grab a pint of your favourite beer for a hugely winning combo.

BierCraft (Commercial Dr)

1191 Commercial Dr | 604-254-2437 $$ | Belgian Beer Hall

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Another pioneer of our city's craft beer movement and source for killer veggie burgers is BierCraft. Their Garden Burger, with a house-made nut and veggie patty, crispy onions, mushrooms, citrus mayo, aged cheddar, lettuce and tomato, will not disappoint. The patty is so good, meat eaters often opt for the veggie burger with bacon (baby steps towards a plant based diet?). BierCraft has two other locations: Cambie Street and UBC.

Meet on Main (Main St)

4288 Main St | 604-877-1292 $$ | Vegetarian

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The newest kid on the vegetarian block has quickly risen to contender status and become a favourite for veg and omnivore foodies alike. With rotating burger specials and a regular list that includes six towering creations, Meet has something for everyone. The portions are generous and toppings, ranging from onion rings to blue cheese to guacamole are indulgent. The Angry Burg, with vegan cool ranch, guacamole and a buffalo-sauce battered patty is our #1 favourite. If you’re a mushroom lover, we recommend the marinated, grilled Portobello Burger topped with roasted veggies, feta and pea pesto. Plus, each burger comes with a heaping mound of fries and salad. In a city where small sharing portions are the norm, Meet is a delight for the hungry hearted. They also recently opened a second location in Gastown.

The Naam

2724 W 4th Ave | 604-738-7151 $$ | Vegetarian

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Late night burger cravings don't have to result in a fast food pit-stop. The Naam, open 24 hours, is a Kitsilano staple and a longstanding player in Vancouver's vegetarian scene. They offer up an expansive veggie burger menu with five sizable options, including their staple vegan patty (made with organic tofu, nuts and grains), tempeh covered with melted vegan cheese, a soy-based protein burger topped with pineapple, water chestnuts and teriyaki sauce (called The Maui Burger -- our personal favourite). Though these burgers are massive, you should add a salad and sesame fries with miso gravy for just a few extra bucks. If you leave craving more, grab a bottle of their addictive miso gravy to-go to Naam up all your home cooking. The lineups can get long here, but turn over is usually pretty quick.

Cafe Deux Soleils

2096 Commercial Dr | 604-254-1195 $ | Healthy Comfort Food

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This Commercial Drive favourite is the place to go if you’re craving healthy comfort food, a casual atmosphere and, of course, a great veggie burger. Their menu offers seven unique house-made creations. Our favourite is the Pesto Burger served with a delicious home-made pesto sauce. Cafe Deux Soleils is also our top kid friendly choice.

Vera's Burger Shack

Multiple Locations | 604-683-8372 $$ | Burgers

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This local burger chain offers up delicious house-made soy-based patties. You can choose your own adventure and build your own burger by choosing the toppings and condiments to create your dream burger. We always opt for the extra guacamole.

The Foundation

2301 Main St | 604-708-0881 $ | Vegetarian

Another late-night Vancouver staple, known for its mountainous plate of nachos, is The Foundation. They list three veggie burgers which range in flavour to please all types of palates. Our favourite is the Mexican-spiced Bentonio patty, packed full of rice, black beans, corn and red peppers. Our second pick, the Persistent Pnut (peanut) has a patty made with quinoa, chickpeas, roast onion, spices and peanuts for a nutty crunch (peanut butter on a burger is a win in our books!). If you’re jonesing for some bacon, Foundation has veggie bacon. You won’t regret the decision.

The Wallflower

2420 Main St | 604-568-7554 $$ | Modern Diner

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This popular Main Street spot is a Vancouver-kinda-diner in that there is plenty to choose from for all dietary types. The menu is riddled with vegetarian, vegan and gluten-free options and the chefs are also willing to make modifications -- if you like the toppings on one of their meat burgers, you can swap it out for a vegetarian patty with eggplant spread. If you opt with the vegan burger, they have vegan cheeses, too. Gluten-free? No worries. They have house-made gluten free bread. Our favourite burger of all is the Porto Burger with a tasty portobello cap, balsamic, goat cheese, lettuce, tomato, onion and mayo.


Multiple Locations | $$ | Canadian

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This popular chain restaurant is home of our favourite veggie burger from a larger restaurant group. The Forager is a hand-chopped mushroom burger topped with crisp red onion, mayonnaise, cheddar, fresh lettuce and pickles. What makes it gourmet is the patty: chopped mushrooms, olive oil, parmesan cheese, rolled oats, oregano, pepper and salt. This truly is one of our favourites house-made veg patties and we swear, even your most passionate carnivore friends will be happy with this burger.

Heirloom Vegetarian

1509 W 12th Ave | 604-733-2231 $$ | Vegetarian

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Heirloom is a leader in Vancouver's vegetarian cuisine scene, with a full vegan and vegetarian menu. As a whole, their offerings are great, but they've really hit the sweet spot with their veggie burgers. The Blues Burger combines the house-made Heirloom patty, dehydrated beet bacon, red onion ring, arugula, cider aioli and gorgonzola cheese. Our favourite is the Mexican-inspired Ranchero with lettuce, black bean sauce, guacamole, aged white cheddar, tomatillo salso and pickled jalapeño. Flip the menu over for their vegan options, where you'll find our favourite entirely plant-based burger in the city. At $19.95 a burger, they're not cheap, but with the gourmet ingredients, it’s well worth the treat.

Tera V Burger

2961 W Broadway | 604-336-3575 $$ | Vegetarian Burger Bar

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This vegetarian joint gives off the fast-food vibe, but take a closer look at the ingredients and you'll see that the food is actually good for you. The appropriately named No Bull Burger is their staple, topped with fresh, locally-sourced vegetables. Choose from their signature no bull patty, tempeh, or garden burger. Our top pick is the Flaming No Bull Burger which comes with a kick of Sriracha hot sauce.

Buddha-Full (Lonsdale)

106-101 W 1st St | 604-973-0231 $$ | Vegan

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Located just off Lower Lonsdale in North Vancouver, this casual vegan cafe is one of our go-to stops for smoothies and snacks when we head to the mountains. Their Raw Nut Burger is a delicious extra healthy option, with a homemade, nut-based patty wrapped in collard greens and served with a heaping side salad. After a hike, this burger always hits the spot.

Eternal Abundance

1025 Commercial Dr | 604-707-0088 $$ | Vegan

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Easily one of the best health hubs in town, this organic grocer and restaurant has some seriously delicious and nutritious burger options. Our top choice is the Marvelous Mushroom Burger that will leave mushroom lovers tingling with delight. This burger patty has a base of mushrooms, seeds, and spices and comes wrapped in either collard greens or in-between house made onion bread (our preference).

The Whip

209 E 6th Ave | 604-874-4687 $$ | Canadian

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There's something cozy about this neighbourhood spot just off Main Street. It might be the good beers and their welcoming atmosphere. It could also be the ultra-comforting Whip Veggie Burger with its beet, black bean and carrot patty that's made in-house and topped with a sweet chili glaze, a ridiculous amount of chipotle aioli, lettuce and tomato (just because it's a veggie burger doesn't mean it's healthy!). Pro tip: add avocado, because everything is better with avocado.

Bogart's Bar

121 Robson St | 604-336-3578 $$ | American

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Located at Robson and Beatty, this bar and restaurant boasts a deceptively good veggie burger. It's built with a house-made black bean, mushroom and almond patty and comes topped with aged cheddar, house roasted tomato relish, dijonnaise and crispy onions. Bogart's wouldn't be described as a veggie-forward restaurant, so let's call them the underdog, the unsung hero, the sleeper pick of the lot. Everyone loves an underdog…especially when it's as tasty as their veggie burger.

Dharma Kitchen

3667 W Broadway | 604-738-3899 $$ | Vegan

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Whenever we’re under the weather, Dharma Kitchen is the answer. Their soups, bowls, hot drinks and juices are clean and they always hit the spot. The space is quiet and meditative with decorative buddhas everywhere. The menu is entirely vegetarian and they make a mean veggie burger. The patty is tempeh-based, marinated in red wine and then grilled, served on organic whole-wheat bun. Of their five options, we recommend the Thai Burger with peanut sauce, bean sprouts, cilantro and green onions.

The Local Omnivore

Roaming | $$ | Food Truck

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We can't decide whether this completely mouthwatering creation is a veggie burger or a sandwich, but regardless, you NEED to try it. A thick wedge of deep-fried, fall-apart-tender cauliflower sits on a pillowy-soft bun that's warm to the touch and melts in the mouth. Hot sauce, house sauce, lettuce and tomato round out this perfect sandwich, which might be world's best hangover cure. And good news, it can be made vegan. Check Street Food App for this graffiti-covered food truck's ever-changing location.

Belgard Kitchen

55 Dunlevy Ave | 604-566-1989 $$ | Fusion

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Housed within Railtown's iconic Settlement Building, Belgard Kitchen is the place to go if you're craving a cool, social ambiance, plus good food and drink. Their swoonworthy house-made veggie burger is a huge menu favourite with a rosemary portobello patty, Village Cheese Works cheddar, caramelized onions, sunflower seed pesto aioli, alfalfa sprouts, tomato, celeriac chips, ciabatta. It might be a little hard to eat, but it's worth it.