Blacktail Florist Opens Its Doors Today

Gastown’s Freshest Arrival Blooms Under Chef Jimmy Stewart

Today Blacktail Florist officially opens its doors for service. Tucked among Gastown’s celebrated brick buildings, the new restaurant shines a spotlight on BC’s most overlooked and humble ingredients. Guests are invited to unwind in the newly designed interior that pays tribute to BC’s wild natural beauty, while enjoying a satisfying, adventurous and unforgettable meal.

Introducing new twists to old techniques, Chef Jimmy Stewart—Blacktail Florist’s co-owner, and former Top Chef Canada contestant—champions British Columbian and Canadian cuisine by gathering the finest ingredients our region has to offer. Hidden gems and wild seasonal products are thoughtfully composed in innovative ways, and handpicked foraged edibles are respectfully prepared and plated. The menu offers a culinary journey, riffing on pop culture, presenting fresh perspectives on familiar dishes, and venturing into uncharted territory with traditional but as-yet-unsung delicacies.

In harmony with the kitchen, the cocktail list features a number of expertly executed classics and continuously revolving originals that play with seasonal products and wild foraged treasures, thanks to barman Connor Gotowiec. Wine director Adam Mayhew has carefully crafted an approachable and appealing wine list, guiding guests through a modern collection of notable and rare local varietals to complement Blacktail Florist’s thoughtful cuisine.

Vancouver foodies will recognize floor manager Chen-Wei Lee, formerly of Wildebeest and Bao Bei, running the day-to-day operations of the restaurant. Combining his natural charm with knowledge gained from years in the hospitality industry, Chen-Wei aims to give guests a seamless and memorable dining experience.

Designed by Craig Stanghetta of Ste.Marie Art + Design, Blacktail Florist’s interior invites guests to escape to the forest, using organic and natural materials to evoke the comfort and freshness of a woodland grove. The minimalist space is lined with original art deco windows framed by built-in vitrines; frosted glass boxes house delicate blooms, objects and oddities. Guests dine among fresh living greenery and warm indigenous woods, softly lit by Good Animal’s custom lighting, which cascades down ceilings and walls.

Blacktail Florist is located at 200–322 Water Street and is open Wednesday to Sunday from 5PM–12PM. Guests can make reservations online at For more information,

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