Blueberry Swirl Cheesecake Pie (Vegan, Raw + GF)

Don’t let the fancy-looking blueberry swirls fool you: this dessert is ridiculously simple to make. You do not have to be a baker to make it. In fact, there is no baking involved. You will simply be “assembling”, and then waiting for your cheesecake pie to set.

These were originally supposed to be cheesecake “bars”, but thanks to my temporarily disorganized kitchen tool area, I couldn’t find my square pan, so opted for the circular one. Sometimes mishaps like this are blessings in disguise. I truly believe this dessert is even more tempting in pie form.

Here’s how to make it:

1. Head to Minimalist Baker and follow steps 1-7 of her amazing 7-ingredient raw vegan cheesecake recipe.

2. Grease an 8″ circular cake pan and place a circular piece of parchment in its base. Cut two long strips of parchment (about 18″) and criss-cross them in your pan so the ends are sticking up above the rim of the pan on all four sides (so you can easily pull the cheesecake pie out of the pan once you’re done). Add your crust and filling to the prepared cake pan. Optional: add blueberries by stirring them into the soft filling for texture and extra fruity flavour.

3. In a separate small bowl smash about a quarter cup of blueberries so they become nice and juicy. With a spoon, take some of the juice and sprinkle as much as you like on top of your cheesecake. Using the end of a utensil, create your swirls.

4. Place cheesecake pie in fridge overnight or until it firms up.

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