Burnaby’s “Urban Digs Farm” All Set To Feed Dave Matthews Band

Dave Matthews is in Vancouver on September 1, 2015 and his band is hungry. Rather than stocking up at the local box store or ordering in junk food and late night eats, Mathews prefers to nourish his crew with food produced by local farms. For the Vancouver stop on this tour, Mathews and his chef are sourcing from Burnaby’s Urban Digs Farm which will be delivering meat & produce to Rogers Arena the very morning of the concert.

Matthews sits on the board of directors of Farm Aid, an organization that has raised $48 million to promote strong and resilient agriculture based on the family farm system. He is recognised for environmental awareness and sources locally whenever he travels, Mathews believes in sustainably sourced food; the exact mandate of farmers Julia Smith and Ludo Ferrari of Urban Digs Farm. Mathews is a farmer and vintner himself and raises, chickens, pigs, cattle vegetables and tends a vineyard in Charlottesville, Virginia.

“We are big fans of The Dave Matthews Band so it was a real thrill to get the call.” says Urban Digs’ farmer, Julia Smith. “Along with a great selection of organic fruits & veggies, we’re sending some beautiful dry-aged heritage pork chops that were pasture-raised less than 10 miles away from Rogers Arena and you can’t get any more local than that.”

After the concert Urban Digs will be taking any food scraps back to the farm where they will either be devoured by the farm animals, or composted. Smith says “It’s great to work with folks who really value local food systems and recognize the importance of closing the loop. As an added bonus, now we can truly say that we eat like rock stars!”

This release was provided by Urban Digs Farm

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