“Buy Local. Eat Natural.” to Host Cooking Class at Dirty Apron Featuring Local Ingredients

Buy Local. Eat Natural. is passionate about supporting local farmers and natural foods. Buying homegrown products strengthens our community and allows BC farmers to continue producing high quality goods that are truly superior in every way, including flavor.

This past month, they ran a Cook Local Contest. To enter, participants submitted their tips on cooking with local ingredients. Enthusiasm for the contest’s topic was immense, which was a tremendous sign our society is moving in the right direction.

A few cook local pointers from contestants:

  • As spring & summer approach, get ready to preserve all the locally grown goodness for a year’s worth of eating
  • Plant an indoor herb garden for the winter months when access to fresh herbs is difficult
  • Eat peaches during peach season, blueberries during blueberry season & corn during corn season
  • Make strawberry mint lemonade and create tasty marinades using homegrown oregano, thyme and sage
  • Shop local – get two know your local grocer, butcher and baker
The contest prize was tickets to a tailor-made Dirty Apron cooking class focused on local BC ingredients. Chef David Robertson led the food-filled soiree and offered multiple tips on cooking local.
Here’s what we made, along with a few tips on cooking with local food –

1. Chocolate Pate with local cream, butter, hazelnuts & rhubarb


  • Make this dessert hours before your dinner party guests arrive so you can relax and enjoy their company
  • Nut farms are located in Chilliwack and Agassiz
  • Coat thin slices of rhubarb with cane sugar, then bake at 200F until stiff to make strips of ‘rhubarb bacon’ – a great dessert garnish

2. Poached Sablefish with Buttered Crab with local sablefish, leeks, milk, butter, cream & Dungeness crab


  • You can tell when sablefish is cooked when its bottom turns light grey
  • Avoid shopping for fish at grocery stores – they usually sell end cuts (restaurants get the nice center cuts)
  • T&T Supermarkets are the exception here – they run a great seafood program
  • Head to Granville Island Market or Fisherman’s wharf in Steveston for fish fresh off the boats
  • Dungeness crabs live in our local waters – they get their name from the port of Dungeness, Washington
  • Sablefish is from the Queen Charlottes – it’s perfect ‘forgiving fish’ to poach in milk
  • David’s Vancouver seafood restaurant recos – Kingyo, Hapa Izakaya, Go Fish

3. Venison Chop with local venison, plums, shallots, bacon, butter, celeriac and asparagus


  • Asparagus is in season locally for two weeks of the year – get it while it’s hot!
  • Venison is from Sidney, BC
  • Two Rivers Meats offers great local products (including bacon)
  • Celeriac (which is not the base of celery) is grown in the Fraser Valley
View full cook local photo album here

Connecting you with local farmers is the goal of Buy Local. Eat Natural. Find them on Facebook and Twitter, where they post nothing but tips and info on local, natural foods.


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