Canadian Cooking Show “One World Kitchen” Premieres on Gusto TV

Fellow gourmands, there’s a brand new food show to add to your viewing line-up. One World Kitchen, starring five Canadian cooks (two of which hail from Vancouver), premieres tonight on Gusto TV (5pm and 5:30pm PST) with back-to-back episodes.

What’s “One World Kitchen” All About?

This multicultural series highlights our country’s diverse culinary scene; specifically, Indian, Thai, Italian, South American and Japanese cooking. Being a melting pot of cultures, Canada has embraced these ethnic cuisines as its own and, with the help of five female hosts with roots in each of these regions, One World Kitchen celebrates them all and inspires viewers to brave new techniques in their home kitchens.

Tomorrow Night’s Episode Features Easy-To-Make Japanese Dishes

Tonight’s “One World Kitchen” episodes feature Argentinian and Italian cooking, and in tomorrow’s 5pm episode, Japanese food (my personal favourite) is the star.

The thought of tackling this Asian fare at home can be daunting, but Japanese-German food writer and cookbook author Hana Etsuko Dethlefsen brings dishes down to a level we can all relate to. I immediately made a grocery list of Japanese ingredients after sneak-peaking her first show. Pickled turnips, Tempura, and Hand-rolled Yellowtail Sushi are just a few of the items she walks us through, and shockingly, they are all easy…even the ‘build-your-own’ sushi. View all of Hana’s recipes on Gusto TV’s site here.

Dishes Hana Will Craft In Upcoming Shows 

In future episodes, Hana will teach us how to make Green Tea Ice Cream, Gyoza Dipping sauce (drinkable, right?), Yaki Onigiri (Grilled Rice Ball with Soy Sauce and Butter). I feel a Japanese dinner party coming on!

Hana’s Quick Tips on Cooking and Eating in Vancouver

1. Where Do You Shop for Japanese Ingredients in Vancouver?

Fujiya. It’s a one stop shop for all of your Japanese cooking needs. And lucky for me, it’s my nearest grocery store! It’s seriously the easiest way to shop for your Japanese meal because everything they have is geared towards Japanese customers who are looking for a taste of home. If you’re cooking “Asian”, T&T works great, but if you’re cooking Japanese food specifically, just go to Fujiya.”

2. Your go-to Japanese cooking tools and where we can buy them in Vancouver?

“Again, Fujiya is my favourite one-stop shop, because they also carry a variety of kitchen wares – everything from old-fashioned Japanese scrub brushes all the way up to fancy rice cookers. My favourite Japanese-specific cooking tools are my rice cooker and my cooking chopsticks. My favourite cooking tool is my knife. It was my grandmother’s, and has the characters of her last name (Sakaguchi) engraved on the side.”

3. Favourite unsung Japanese ingredient that everyone should try?

“Shirasu – tiny, white baby anchovies. They are really tiny (just longer than a grain of rice) and come fresh (raw), boiled, or dried. I love to eat them on a hot bowl of rice with some pickles, or mixed into a fried rice with egg and pickled mustard greens. Many people have a problem with eating fish with heads still attached, and this one is particularly a challenge, because you eat the entire body, including all of the bones. Aside from their looks, however, they are absolutely delicious, and because you eat the bones, too, a great source of calcium!”

4. Take-out sushi joint of choice?

“To be honest, when I want sushi, I’ll usually make it at home, but if I don’t have the time, I love Shiro on Cambie and 15th. They know what they’re doing there. And of course, Toshi on 16th at Main, too.”

5. Favourite higher-end Japanese restaurant?

“For a dine in experience, Kibune on Yew makes me feel like I’m back in Japan, but Octopus’ Garden just around the corner on Cornwall is creative while staying true to Japanese traditions – really impressive.”

6. Where do you love to brunch in Vancouver on weekends and what do you order?

“I love the Bird’s Nest (secret location). I’ll eat anything the chef puts in front of me, which is how it works there. The food is always amazing, and the ambiance is charming. Perfect for brunch with girlfriends.”

7. Where do you satisfy your caffeine addiction?

“I’m regularly at the Matchstick in Chinatown for a standing coffee date with a friend.”

8. Favourite food truck?

Mogu! They make the best chicken karaage I’ve ever eaten. Period.”


One World Kitchen premieres tonight, Monday, June 1st at 5pm and 5:30pm PST with Argentinian and Italian cooking episodes. Hana’s episode airs on Gusto TV at 5pm PST tomorrow, Tuesday, June 2nd. Catch the show regularly on weeknights at 5pm and 5:30pm PST.

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