Amazing Farro Salad Recipe

A few weeks ago Saje and Farmacie teamed up to host a magical long table dinner party in support of Girlvana. Photo: Katie Huisman The meal was entirely plant-based and I played the (fun) role of menu curator. My job was easy because … Continued

Vegan Tuna Salad Sandwich

Yesterday on Instagram, we announced that we’re having a baby…and that the pickle cravings are real. Oh, yes. My cravings for anything salty and vinegary were one of the first signs I was pregnant! They are truly next level, to the point … Continued

10 Watermelon Recipes to Try This Summer

A “Raw. Vegan. Not Gross.” watermelon salad recipe (pictured) has me all excited for summer and the juicy recipes that come with the season. With ripe avocado and a tangy sesame lime dressing, how good does this look?! It’s a winner … Continued

Roasted Tomato Toast

Unless tomatoes are super-sweet or marinated, I can’t say I am a die-hard fan. But roasted? I can’t get enough. I could eat tray upon tray. Prepared this way, they truly can satisfy ‘sweet cravings’ – they are like candy! For … Continued

Lemony Roast Potato Salad

My dad has always been one of the biggest cooking inspirations in my life. He’s the kind of guy who can look into a near empty fridge and, somehow, whip up an amazing dinner. These lemony roasted potatoes were one of his … Continued

Best + Easiest Vegan Chili

If you’re looking for that “perfect chili recipe”, this might be it. In my books, it checks all the boxes. No weird ingredients, just everything you want in a chili. It’s also ridiculously easy and quick to make, meaning it’s one … Continued

Favourite Recipes

This list is partially for you, partially for me. When trying to plan a meal, I often completely blank out. Same story when I’m cruising a hood trying to figure out where to eat. I need a list of favourites to refer … Continued

The Best, Super-Moist Black Bean Brownies

Fraiche Nutrition’s Coconut Black Bean Brownies recipe is my favourite brownie recipe. They are beyond moist (containing zero flour), lightly sweetened and ultra-chocolatey. To make them vegan, you can use chia or flax egg instead of egg. I used chia (2 tbsp ground … Continued

Healthy Orange Julius Recipe

This simple, healthy spin on the classic Orange Julius will take you back to your mall-rat days of high school — at least that’s what it did for me! Oh, the hours we would spend at Cap Mall in North … Continued