Where to Eat in Portland

Desperate for a quality, food-focused getaway? Without hopping on a plane, Portland, just a five hour drive South, might be your best bet. Here are a few restaurants and cafes should absolutely make a point of visiting in Trailblazer country… … Continued

Where to Eat in Porto

Soccer stars are not Portugal’s only treasures. There are countless reasons to visit Europe’s peaceful, westernmost country…like port, for example. This heavenly, ridiculously-easy-to-drink fortified wine is produced exclusively in Porto’s Douro Valley. Portugal was also the first country to fully … Continued

10 Reasons to Visit Rowena’s Inn on The River

If Rowena’s Inn on The River was halfway around the world, I would hop on a plane to get there – that’s how wonderful it is. Luckily for me and other Vancouverites, this charming family-owned lodge, absolutely brimming with history, is less … Continued