New Breakfast Cookies by “To Die For”

We’re so excited to introduce our newest baked good: The Breakfast Cookie! This is truly my dream breakfast / accompaniment to a hot morning beverage. It’s packed with tons of nutrients, zero refined sugars (we use maple syrup and dates … Continued

The Candy That’s Free of Animal Products

When I began eating a plant-based diet, candy seemed like one of those foods that I’d never have to worry about. I never even thought to check the ingredient lists of candy packages to see if they contained animal products. … Continued

The Dream Kitchen Includes a Copper Pot Set

Last summer, when Darren and I renovated our new home, we were especially focused on the kitchen re-design for one reason: a self-produced online cooking show. It’s been in the plans for years now, and we are very close to finally … Continued

PIKANIK: A Bakery Dream Come True For Celiacs

A South Surrey bakery is answering the prayers of celiacs all over the Lower Mainland. Owner and baker Joanna Schultz was inspired by her celiac daughter to launch Pikanik Creations.  Over the past four years, she has developed dozens of … Continued