Mediterranean Dinner Party with Sandhill Wines

Years ago, when I shopped for a bottle of wine, I’d enter the liquor store and head straight to the Argentinian or Italian section. These exotic, wine-focused countries just seemed like the appropriate nations to source from. Flash forward to present-day, … Continued

Top Ten Wines For BBQ Season

If you’re anything like me, you’re firing up the BBQ this Canada Day long weekend, rain or shine! Here’s my list of recent favorites and old faithfuls that I reach for when those coals get hot (all are available at … Continued

Best Value Wines From British Columbia

I’m often reminded of how fortunate we are to have an incredible wine-producing haven right in our own backyard. With over 200 operating wineries in British Columbia, we aren’t hard-pressed when it comes to selection, but how do we know what to try … Continued