4 Things You Absolutely Must Include on This Year’s Christmas Breakfast Table

Christmas morning is the perfect time to indulge in a few of your favourite edible things. If you’re hosting this year’s special breakfast, here are a few gourmet items to consider sourcing.

Firstly, coffee. Spring for a pound of the locally roasted good stuff — you will notice the difference. 49th Parallel has a cute gift box (complete with a half pound of beans and one of their signature turquoise mugs) in store right now. It makes for a great stocking stuffer or secret santa gift, too.

Another of my favourite local roasters is Moja coffee from North Van and Milano Roasters, who specializes in Italian blends.

The second very important Christmas morning essential is bread. Instead of your usual grocery store brand, try something special from one of our local bakery’s. Beaucoup bakery makes a decadent brioche loaf that’s as beautiful as it is delicious and A Bread Affair on Granville Island is a great bet for a wide variety of organic loaves.

As for eggs, how about a visit to Urban Digs Farm Market for a dozen or two of their “beyond cage-free and organic” eggs? Farmers Julia and Ludo treat their organic-fed hens like their own children. If bacon is a main-stay on your morning menu, know that Urban Digs raises some of the best pork in town.

If regular supermarket orange juice is what you and your family usually sip on, how about mixing it up with some locally-cold-pressed juice from Nectar, Nama Juice Bar, Krokodile Pear, The Juicery Co., The Juice Truck or The Juice Box? Not only are their juices delicious, they’re extra-healthy.

Whatever’s on your Christmas breakfast table, know that the most important thing you can provide for your family and friends is your presence (thanks lululemon for this great reminder).

This story was written for The Peak Radio

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