Coast Restaurant: Celeb & Crab Cake Hotspot

The morning of my FMA shoot at Coast Restaurant, I received an email from Glowbal Group’s John-Paul Lamb with a few last-minute details and a reminder to bring my oven mitts.  They were dirty, but I brought them anyways thinking they would give me some kitchen cred.

Visually, the restaurant’s interior was stunning.  Lobster, prawns, and crab (visible upon entry) were set in ice behind the bar.  My kind of bar!  I’d choose a butter doused lobster over a cocktail every day of the week.  Seafood is hand-picked to build extravagant signature platters like this one:

I was hoping to prepare a masterpiece like this one as part of our demo.  Then I’d get to eat it.  Other than positioning the seafood on ice, though, there isn’t much to it which doesn’t lend to the best interactive cooking segment.

We made crab cakes instead, and thankfully so, because I now understand what the fuss is about.  Crab cakes are on many a favorites list.  I didn’t understand until now.  They were the best crab cakes I’ve ever tasted and I’m not exaggerating.

What really blew me away was the simplicity of the dish.  Executive Chef Josh Wolfe, a natural in front of the camera, had set out our ingredients: diced celery, house-made mayo, thyme, salt, and of course, the beautiful, flaky, Dungeness crab (which I couldn’t help but nibble on throughout the demo).

Basically, we whipped everything together, placed it in a small circular form, pressed that in panko bread crumbs, then quickly grilled either side.  The perfect little cake was placed on a shaved fennel salad and served with house-made tartare sauce.  I’m not a ‘crab-cake person’, but went crazy over this dish (blurry iPhone pic due to fork’s stabbing speed):

Also part of our Coast feature was a chat with VP of Marketing John-Paul Lamb, who I noticed was polishing off a plate of tuna sashimi before we began.  If I worked there, there’s no way I could focus with the accessible supply of melt-in-your-mouth tuna so near.

My first question was if he could talk while eating, and if so, would it be possible to get some food sent over.  We went on to talk about the famous crab cakes and then their slew of famous regular diners.

The Twilight cast ate at Glowbal Grill most days of the week during their filming stint in town.  I pictured the restaurant being permanently surrounded by Twihards, but apparently it wasn’t bad.

U2 recently dined at Coast until the wee hours.  Bono’s singing of happy birthday to a nearby diner was the highlight of the night.  The entire room froze to watch and listen.

Whether it be for the to die for food or perhaps a celebrity sighting, Coast is the spot.

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