Conviction Kitchen Reality Series: Ex-Cons Dish Up & Delight

Meet ex-convict Danielle.  Fifteen months ago, the former drug addict of 20 years was released from a dramatic 11 year stint in prison for trafficking.

Last Saturday night at the shooting of Conviction Kitchen Season Two’s final episode held at Delilah’s Conviction in Vancouver’s West End, she served rabbit poutine (among other delicious creations) by world-renowned chef Mark Thuet and his kitchen team of former offenders to myself and other guests, including actors John Cassini, Michael Eklund, and Twilight’s Christopher Heyerdahl.

The restaurant reality show, hosted by Thuet and his wife/business partner, Biana Zorich, showcases the couple’s challenge to open a high-end eatery with a staff of former offenders.  Read more about the sassy kitchen drama here.

Hors d’oeuvres served and romanced by the former jailbirds included Rabbit Poutine with Saskatchewan chanterelle mushrooms and Dieu du Ciel blue cheese:

Cucumber, mango, and coriander Salmon Tartar with ponzu and tonkatsu panna cotta:

And Bison Sliders with Bearnaise sauce:

Coast executive chef Josh Wolfe and I paid a visit to the newly reformed kitchen staff and the boss, chef Mark Thuet, who couldn’t have been more helpful in providing me with the juicy food details.

More event shots:

Actor Chris Heyerdahl of 'Twilight' & 'Sanctuary'
Guests packed Delilah's Conviction for the show taping
Power couple Thuet & Zorich awarding the ex-con 'trainees' with completion certificates | Photo courtesy © Cineflix 2010

Season 2 of Conviction Kitchen airs on Citytv this fall on Sunday nights at 9pm PST.

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