Downtown’s New “Latab” Raises The Bar For Lunch Bowls


Four-month-old Latab Food is an oasis for well-sourced, artisan food and natural wines in the black-hole-of-good-restaurants area near St Paul’s Hospital. Located at Helmcken and Burrard, this 25-seater restaurant lists twelve, or so, snacks and small plates on a chalkboard dinner menu. Charred Cabbage + Pine Mushrooms and Buckwheat Salt-crusted Root Veg are just two of the creative dishes that caught my eye.

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An Interview With Owners Eryn Dorman & Kris Barnholden

Which category of dining would you place yourself in?

Eryn  & Kris say: I like to think of our food as modern canadian farm to table, we use a variety of cultural influences with canadian ingredients.

Tell us about the amazing bread and the hummus served in the cauli bowl.

Eryn  & Kris say: The bread is made in house from sprouted grains, sourdough, and house milled flour out of wheat from saskatchewan (sourced through a company called grain, The hummus is made from chick peas from saskatchewan (same company) roasted garlic, lemon juice and olive oil.

The 3 most important things we should know about Latab?

Eryn  & Kris say:

  1. Food philosophy: ethical, wholesome, well sourced ingredients put together in a fun and exciting way.
  2. A wine program that showcases organic, biodynamic and natural that are true expressions of the terroir from which they come from. Unadulterated wines that honestly reflect the typicity of the varietals grown.
  3. A holistic view of the restaurant, we cannot seperate our personal health from the health of the foods and food systems that support us, we must begin to see ourselves as a part of the big picture.

Any upcoming restaurant news we can look forward to?

Eryn  & Kris say: We are doing an upcoming series of monthly dinners starting january 18th with local forager Camille Flanjak and guest chefs and bartenders. This month Kylie Bartlett (odd society) and Brian Luptak (the Acorn) will be joining us to make some food and drinks. We aim to be open for breakfast and brunch in february as well.

What does the name Latab mean?

Eryn  & Kris say: Latab is a chinook jargon word for the table.

If you had a restaurant mission statement, what would it be?

Eryn  & Kris say: We want access to healthy food and drinks for all.


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