Epic Meal Time, Vegetarian Edition: Classic Pear, Fig and Goat Cheese Sandwich on Steroids

“Epic Meal Time” can be just as epic with plants. Take this sandwich for example. It’s ultra-rich with healthy fats and sugars, but won’t leave you feeling nearly as grimy as you might after eating version wrapped in bacon. Here’s what you’ll need to assemble this crazy creation that is extremely unsuitable for tiny mouths.


Bread (I use Glutenull’s GF Buckwheat Bread from SPUD)
Avocado, sliced
Goat Cheese, sliced (from Farm House Natural Cheeses)
Bosc Pear, sliced
Figs, sliced (felt guilty buying these out-of-season, non-local fruits from Granville Island but…it was just once)
Balsamic drizzle


The yummy smoothie in the background is a banana / date / cacao blend from North Shore Juice Co. 

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