Estella Warren Eats Live Seafood

When Estella Warren told me about her dijon mustard fetish and a recent meal of live sea urchins from Miku Sushi, I wondered if I’d met my food soul mate.

Her favorite restaurant lies hilltop in Cannes – though she couldn’t remember its name. Perhaps she was distracted by the food. It’s happened to me.

While I bake to relieve stress, Estella cooks. A popular dinner in her home is steak, which she says is all about the butcher. With a quality cut, all you need is salt and pepper.  Sauce?  Never.

Her plan that evening included tapas at Bin 941 with her boyfriend, who was sitting behind us during the interview. He chimed in every now and then helping her with answers during ‘the favorites game’.

Shangri-La was called home during her stint in town working on the feature film, ‘Transparency’.  Instead of Bin 941, I suggested they head to nearby Italian Kitchen, home of my favorite brussel sprouts.  I think they were sold after my passionate description in which I compared them to candy.

There aren’t many things I love more than interviewing, but chatting chow and connecting with a fellow foodie is one of them.  Estella and I could have gone on.

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