Fishermen Helping Kids with Cancer Herring Sale

Fishermen Helping Kids with Cancer is proud to announce their third annual charity herring sale on Saturday, November 30th between 7am and 4 pm (or until sold out!) at the south end of Trites Road in Steveston, Richmond, BC (12740 Trites Road). The sale is open to the public with 100% of the proceeds going to BC Children’s Hospital to help kids with cancer.

Last year, all herring was sold out by noon so double the amount of herring will be available for sale in Steveston this year. Brent Melan, the Burnaby fisherman who came up with the idea for the event and captains the seiner  that catches the herring, explains, “This year, we are planning to harvest more herring from the nearby waters of the Gulf of Georgia to meet the growing demand and enthusiastic support for this great cause. We will deliver this wonderfully fresh and delicious fish to the dock for sale at $10 for a 20lb bag of herring or customers can bring their own five gallon bucket. There will be live music, free recipes and friendly volunteers to help customers bring the herring to their cars.”

Melan adds, “As an industry, we are so pleased to announce that in the past two years, our herring sales and donations have raised over $135,000 to help kids who are receiving treatment for cancer at BC Children’s Hospital.  We are especially proud that the industry has come together with support from local sponsors to host this event with all services and supplies donated.  Ladner fisherman Randy Reifel is, once again, donating the seiner, theMV Prosperity along with the fuel and fishing licence. The Steveston Seafood Auction is also again donating the fish processing plant and crew. These big event costs, along with every other cost, is donated by persons and companies connected to the BC fishing industry.”

Sue McKamey, a salmon gillnetter from Mission who volunteers, says “When someone buys a bag of herring for $10, every penny goes to help kids with cancer. Customers get 20 pounds of wild fresh BC herring and they are also helping kids with cancer in their fight for life.”

The spark for the herring sale three years ago was the inspirational daughter of a commercial fisherman who died of cancer a few days before the first event.

Herring are beautiful fish with bluish green backs and shiny silver sides and bellies.  Their soft, off-white flesh and high oil content tastes great and is perfect to eat fresh or can, pickle, or smoke.  Less than 20% of the Pacific herring biomass is harvested annually.

For those who wish to support the cause but aren’t able to make it to the sale, contributions can be make directly to the BC Children’s Hospital Foundation at

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