Frilly Lilly: Yaletown’s New, Delectable Beauty Boutique

Cravings. Are they your worst enemy, too?

Avoid spasmodic indulgences (including pancake binges) by splurging on a spa service at Yaletown’s brand new beauty boutique, frilly lilly. Their food-inspired products smell as good as the real thing. And wouldn’t you agree that sometimes the scent of something edible can actually cure a craving?

To burn off rich meals, you may jog, like I do. In this case, your feet require attention. My recommendation: treat yourself to a frilly lilly pedicure in their exquisitely cozy nook.

Here are the delicious steps included in a frilly lilly pedicure:

  • Ruby Red Grapefruit Soak to soothe your feet
  • Lemongrass Cuticle Remover to perfect your nail bed
  • Tangerine Cuticle Oil to soften the area
  • Sweet Coconut Sugar Scrub to exfoliate and deeply massage your feet, ankles, and calves
  • Butter Cream Body Lotion to moisturize and leave you smelling like a cupcake
frilly lilly's 'gourmet' beauty products
These aren't chocolates...they're frilly lilly bath cakes!

Thanks so much to the highly-skilled Alana for the pampering.  I felt stress melting away like butter on a freshly baked slice of banana bread.

You should follow frilly lilly on Twitter here and check out their website.

Ciao for now!

*Images courtesy of Melissa Skoda. Follow her on Twitter here.

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