Glowbal Group Pancake Eat Off Recap

It was a drizzly Sunday in Yaletown when Katharine Horsman and I showed up to Glowbal Grill for the Pancake Eat Off fundraiser that we’d been training for – she wearing a pancake-inspired hat, and I with a warm-up slice of banana bread.

We were thrilled with the turn-out. Supportive family, friends, and fellow Tweeters crowded onto the enclosed patio to view the intense fifteen minute contest.

A few requests before beginning: Katharine felt a few sides of bacon would add a nice savory touch to our pancake eating experience (I agreed), and I ordered strawberry balsamic and banana chocolate, as opposed to plain, for my game time pancakes.

*Please note the 16 pancakes in my stomach at the time of this below image.

Glowbal Group TV Presents: The Pancake Duel from Glowbal Group on Vimeo.

Total money raised for Union Gospel Mission: $740!  Huge thanks to Glowbal Group for hosting such a fun event and to everyone for joining in support.  Let’s do it again!?

Lastly, a special thank you to my brave and beautiful competitor, Katharine Horsman, who truly had me wondering if she’d be the one to take me down. I’m looking forward to meeting her again on the battlefield, if she’s up for it.

Ciao for now.

**Images at top courtesy of Leah Gregg, UGM

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