Hapa Izakaya Unveils New Oyster Bar in Vancouver’s West End

Hapa Izakaya unveils a new Oyster Bar in the West End.

Marking its 10th anniversary, Hapa West End has unveiled a new Oyster Bar, offering fresh, local, Ocean Wise oysters.

Founded by Justin and Lea Ault in 2003, Hapa has evolved the Japanese Pub concept from small drinking houses with plates of munchies to sophisticated lounges with sparkling cocktails, extensive sake offerings and Japanese dishes ranging from simple to complex, with an emphasis on local seasonal ingredients and modern sustainability goals.

Many of the beloved oysters currently harvested off the Pacific coast were imported from Japan in the early 1900s. As the Pacific oyster has evolved locally, so has the Izakaya, revolutionized in the early 2000s; both are successful Japanese-North American hybrids. “Combining history and tradition with innovation is something our chefs pride themselves on,
so expanding the menu to include these beautiful 3rd generation oysters, paired with modern Japanese flavours, just felt right,” says Justin Ault.

The West End oyster menu includes favourites such as Royal Miyagis (Northern Gulf Islands) and Kusshis (Baynes Sound). In addition to fresh, shucked oysters, guests can enjoy savoury, cooked oysters, like Kaki Mentai (baked with bonito soy sauce and spicy cod roe sauce), Motoyaki (baked with miso mayo sauce and shoestring potatoes), and Kaki Fry (6 pieces
pan-fried in panko breading and served with Japanese tartar sauce).

Oyster lovers will also be happy to note that during “Hapa Hour” (everyday from 5:30pm to 6:30pm) Hapa West End will feature oysters for 1.49, along with half-price tapas.

Join Hapa West End daily at 1479 Robson Street from 5:30pm till late.

For more information, please visit hapaizakaya.com or follow us on Twitterand Facebook.

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