Happy Planet’s Fresh Soups Are The Perfect Healthy Addition to Your Family Feast

This past fall, to my delight, Happy Planet added three new vegan soups to their product line-up. In the sea of average soups on the market, it is so refreshing to discover a product that not only contains ingredients I’d use in my own home-cooking, but is delicious, too.

Happy Planet’s new vegan soups include West African Squash & Cashew, Portuguese Kale & White Bean and French Lentil. My favourite is the African Squash & Cashew with its rich, creamy texture and subtle sweetness (thanks to the squash). Of course, Happy Planet uses nothing but whole, natural ingredients in their cooking.

The Portuguese Kale & White Bean is a lighter soup filled with veggies — perfect if you’re on a super healthy kick or trying to drop a few pounds.

Happy Planet’s full fresh soup line-up (available in 500mL pouches) contains nine vegan soups and five vegetarian soups, including a Tuscan Tomato, Chatham Carrot & Ginger with coconut cream and curry and, my absolute favourite, the Thai Coconut (seriously just as delicious as what you might find at a good Thai restaurant).

For a recent girls’ night dinner party, I served three of Happy Planet’s fresh vegan soups that I would have been proud to pass off as my own. They were the perfect healthy touch to the meal and adding them to the menu definitely lightened my workload. Confession: one of my fridge’s produce drawers is full of Happy Planet soup pouches which come in handy when I don’t have time to cook.

Read more about Happy Planet’s fresh, healthy soups here.

Thanks to Happy Planet for sponsoring this post! All opinions are my own.

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