7 Health-Focused Restaurants You Must Try in Vancouver (as seen on Shaw TV’s The Rush)

‘Fat free’ does not live on this list. To be healthful means you are focused on the ‘type’ of calories you consume, as opposed to ‘how many’ calories you consume.

Vegan and gluten free foods are a great focus if you’re trying to become a healthier person. Here are a few Vancouver food and restaurants recommendations that fall under one or both of these categories, as seen on The Rush TV today.

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1. Gluten free bread by Delish Gluten Free
2. Coconut Chips by Hippie Foods (available at Nourish Market)
3. Organic Lives
4. Sejuiced
5. East is East
6. Chau Veggiexpress
7. Gluten Free Epicurean
8. The Parker
9. Juice Truck Juice Cleanse
10. Breville Juice Fountain Elite

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