Heartbeets Run Club

Get it? Heartbeets? We’re the Vancouver run club powered by plants! More about us…

We love running on the seawall and in forests, four-legged friends are always welcome and we loooove sipping on green smoothies or enjoying plant-based eats as a group post-run.

Next run: Saturday, October 21st at 9am – Meet at The Juice Truck Mt Pleasant! 

It’s the best time of year for running, no?! The brisk air is so fresh…it helps keep us cool. This upcoming weekend’s run is just over 10km but there are ways of shortening it if long distance isn’t your thing. We’ll start at The Juice Truck in Mount Pleasant, head down to the Olympic Village seawall and head west towards the Granville St Bridge. Skip a few kms by cutting over the Cambie St Bridge, then looping back towards Science World before the homestretch up to Juice Truck.

The pace is around 5min30sec per kilometre. If you enjoy a more leisurely pace, no sweat. You could bring a partner and stick together? After the run, feel free to stick around, hang out and grab a smoothie, acai bowl, salad or treat at The Juice Truck. Complimentary To Die For Pumpkin Loaf will also be floating around.

When: Saturday, October 21st at 8:50am (depart 9am)
Starting point: The Juice Truck Mt Pleasant, 28 W 5th Ave
Distance: 10.26km
Pace: ~5:30/km

About Heartbeets Run Club: This group was born out of a passion to connect with community and spread the good word about the magic of a plant-based diet. During my athletic career playing NCAA Div. 1 volleyball in South Carolina, I was a ‘proud carnivore’ and focused on eating as much animal protein as possible. Ironically, I remember never feeling full. I was a bottomless pit and figured all this meant was that I should eat more meat. I didn’t realize that what I was eating was the problem. Years later, after watching documentaries like Forks Over Knives, I transitioned to a plant-based diet and, for the first time, felt fully satiated. All along, I’d been lacking nutrients and proper fuel. Plants are what my body was hungry for! I also noticed a change in my energy. I went from dreading my runs and dragging my feet, to literally hopping out of bed and running further and faster than I ever had before. Feel free to join for a run to chat more about plant-based diets / running / energy levels!
Email erin if you have any questions (erin at itstodiefor dot ca) about the run.

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