How I Selected Snacks for the Entirely Local July “Snackbox”

For months, I’ve been on the receiving end of Snackbox. It’s been a thrill discovering new great products thanks to the hard-working curators behind this motivated and passionate Gastown start-up.

When they asked if I’d curate a box myself, the answer was an instant yes (along with a request that the box contain nothing but local products). I consider it a great opportunity to showcase some of my favorite snacks to fellow foodies.

Here are the items I chose and why I love them (a recurring reason being that they’re local and all-natural).

Kitchening’s New Chocolate Ginger Cookies – perhaps the most ‘home-made’ cookie (texture-wise, looks-wise, flavor-wise) on the market. Pastry chef Carly uses freshly grated ginger and gloriously large chunks of chocolate. Where to buy: Edible Canada

Fresh is Best Tortilla Chips – you really can taste the difference when chips are fresh – and these are. It’s all about the crunch. You should try their fresh salsa too – just like in Mexico. Where to buy: Whole Foods, London Drugs etc.

Rumble Energy Drink – one of the most delicious ways to consume 20g of protein and 20g of organic carbs in a few cold, all-natural, antioxidant-rich gulps. Try their Dutch Cocoa flavour. Where to buy: Urban Fare etc.

Monkey Butter Salted Caramel Peanut Butter – as if the name doesn’t sell itself. Monkey Butter also comes in White Pretzel Chocolate, Maple Bacon, Dark Chocolate Cherry etc. Where to buy: Save on Foods, Edible Canada etc.

Hardbite Potato Chips – Non-GMO, all-natural chips with lots of flavour. I’d choose these over the ultra-massed produced versions every day. Rock salt and vinegar is a favorite. Where to buy: Urban Fare, IGA etc.

Granola Girl Granola – Some of the most delicious granola you’ll find. It’s 70% organic, vegan and packed with fun ingredients like goji berries, hemp hearts and nuts. Where to buy: Urban Fare, London Drugs etc.

Urge Chocolates – Small-batch, hand-made chocolate that’s really packed with flavour and unique ingredients. Where to buy: Urban Fare, Gourmet Warehouse etc.

Cocolico Sweet & Salty Pretzel Snack Mix – Pretzels and nuts absolutely coated in sweet and saltiness. They’re highly, highly addictive. Where to buy: Urban Fare, Edible Canada etc.

Powerplant Fruit Bar – Raw, organic, vegan, gluten free and peanut free, these Kelowna-made bars are full of energy and flavour. Try the coconut version, too. Where to buy: Urban Fare, Save on Foods etc.

Organic Lives Chocolate Macaroons – Dense, chocolatey, raw, vegan, healthy dessert. You’ll die when you try. Where to buy: Whole Foods etc.

Skeet & Ike’s Fruit & Nut Mix – 100% organic trail mix with lots of variety. Where to buy: Whole Foods etc.

Hippie Foods Coconut Chips – A most incredible superfood snack. Lightly sweet and salty coconut ribbons, baked until crispy. Where to buy: Whole Foods, Nourish Market etc.

Hope you love the July Snackbox! Tweet at me with any questions: @erinireland

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