Ikarus’ Sex on The Beach: Would You Eat This?

Do you think you know what this is?

Sex on The Beach

If you guessed edible condom filled with cream, you’re correct. And yes, I was just as astounded as you might be.

My friend Chris Irving (former chef of Pourhouse) recently returned home to Vancouver after a lengthy stint in Europe, cooking on a yacht in the South of France. Nice life!

Of the stories he shared with me, a 13-course lunch enjoyed with the Prince of Spain at Michelin starred Ikarus Restaurant topped them all.

Pictured above is their last course, created by Ikarus’s guest chef for September, “Demon Chef” Alvin Leung from Hong Kong’s Bo Innovation. The ‘used condom’ was made from strawberry jelly and the ‘sand’ tasted like dried skim milk powder. The shell (the only edible part of this dessert) was sorbet. Apparently, several diners near Chris and the prince appeared to be pretty offended.

What do you think? Does it offend you?

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