Introducing To Die For Lemon Loaf

To Die For Lemon Loaf Launches April 2, 2013

Well, it’s been a long time coming. I am extremely excited to finally tell you that To Die For Lemon Loaf will hit cafes Tuesday, April 2. To be honest, I’m not a big ‘lemon person’. At the gelateria, I’ll always choose a chocolatey nutty flavour over limon. At the cafe, I’ve never ordered lemon loaf. In my life.

This disinclination was one of my many motivators to create a lemon loaf. I want to want lemon. I love it’s sweet sourness and that it’s a super food. The problem? The current selection of lemon-flavoured products out there on the market, including lemon loaves, have just never turned my crank in the way I want my crank to be turned, which is…in a major to-die-for-kinda-way.

So here’s why To Die For Lemon Loaf is different:

  • Forget the artificial flavouring. My ‘LL’ wouldn’t touch it with a ten-foot-pole. It will contain the juice of beautiful, organic lemons.
  • Toasted organic coconut flakes and creamy coconut milk add that hint of je ne sais quoi to the creamy (yet non-lactosey), moist loaf.
  • The main thing I believe most lemon loaves are missing is texture. Plain old cake texture just doesn’t do it for me. This new loaf needed something new and exciting. Some crunch. So I added classic poppy seeds and toasted organic millet. Not too much, just enough to add some oomph to each bite. I’m kind of obsessed. You should try it in your home-made loaves.
  • The loaf is spread with a light glaze and coated with toasted organic coconut. (I should mention that since the images on this page were shot – by the amazing, incredible, always awe-inspiring food photographer, Joann Pai – I updated the recipe to include a lighter glaze (it’s main purpose is to hold the coconut securely on top of the loaf) and organic coconut flakes as opposed to the coconut ribbons, for easier slicing and chewing.)
  • Like To Die For Banana Bread, it’s made by hand in small batches.

I sincerely hope you go crazy for ‘LL’. And if you are a non-lemon-lover like me, I hope it changes your opinion of citrusy baked goods. So far, here’s where you’ll be able to buy this second To Die For baked good come April 2:

For the month of April, Daffodil Month, partial lemon loaf proceeds will be donated to the Canadian Cancer Society’s Desserts & Daffodils Campaign. Read about why I chose to support this cause here.

Photography by Joann Pai | Instagram: @sliceofpai & Twitter: @hootlicious |

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