“To Die For Banana Bread” Deep Fried at The PNE This Saturday

Deep Fried Banana Bread

Although my banana bread is a wholesome dessert made with organic bananas, high quality Callebaut chocolate, and olive oil, it will be transformed into every fairgoers’ fantasy for one day only at the PNE.

Thanks to a suggestion thrown at me on Facebook (followed by multiple requests for the sinful item), “It’s To Die For Banana Bread” will take a dunk in Pennsylvania Dutch Funnel Cakes Booth’s deep fryer this this Saturday, September 3rd.

Deep Fried Banana Bread Interior



Keeping to my mantra, the BB will be fried in trans fat-free canola oil. Pastry dough will be used for its breading, meaning the oil won’t be absorbed. It will essentially seal the dough-enveloped banana bread, cook the interior, and produce a dangerously delicious, crunchy-on-the-outside-pillowy-soft-and-warm-on-the-inside finished product.

I’ll be at the Pennsylvania Dutch Funnel Cakes Booth (located right behind the PNE Prize Home) all day, so feel free to stop by and say hi! And stay tuned for a PNE/banana bread-themed contest launching within the next 24 hours.

Thanks to Harv Craven, Kayla Bordignon, Laura Ballance, LBMG, and Suzanne and Perry Poudrier for making this possible.

See you at The Fair on Saturday! Click here for location and hours.

Wishing you deep fried PNE food this Saturday,



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