“To Die For Banana Bread” Testimonials: World’s Best?

‘It’s To Die For’ Banana Bread Testimonials

Michael Eckford: ‘Your banana bread is my new food obsession. I ran 2010 personal best 10K yesterday and I’m certain it was fueled by your ability to combine delicious ingredients!’

Whole Foods (Cambie & 8th): ‘We’re a big fan of your banana bread! Hope we can have it in our store soon!’

Sandy Sumra: ‘My grandmother is very sick in hospital and has not been eating much at all. I gave her your banana bread – she loved it and happily ate it.’

Erin Cebula: ‘I never thought eating banana bread could be a religious experience, but I was wrong! Sorry Nana.’

The Dirty Apron: ‘Chef David Robertson says Erin’s banana bread with coffee first thing in the morning is an epic combination!’

Jillian Harris: ‘I woke up this morning and bolted to the kitchen for some of Erin’s banana bread. I ate it all & I feel lost without more!’

Anonymous: ‘Sunday afternoon watching survivor re-runs to get caught up before the finale tonite, and eating my banana bread…the only thing that has saved me from eating THE ENTIRE LOAF by myself was a friend unexpectedly needing a place to crash – from me and my friend to you, thank you so much for letting us share in the deliciousness. I know you hear this a lot, but please know we are all very sincere – you create something magic with your baking!
I hope you have a great holiday season, and please keep me on your ‘banana bread alert’ if you ever do decide to share again with us!!
Love your eternal banana bread customer.’

Chris Hancock: A Haiku for Erin Ireland – ‘Bread is almost gone – What will I do without it – Tears fall down my face.’

Svetlana Romanova: ‘Erin, just wanted to let u know that I had a dream about your banana bread again.’

Ashif Halani: ‘WOW…your banana bread is simply amaaazing. It’s moist, packed with many sensational undulating flavours of tastiness, yummmmy. Its decadent, sinfully delectable. My staff and I have no words except we are all mesmerized and salivating for more. The four loaves you sent…I only have one left in my possession. Now, my staff gaze at me like a pack of hungry wolves…HELLLP…please send more.’

Banana bread is mentioned on Canucks Hockey Blog: Mikael Samuellson’s Christmas wish is Erin’s banana bread [LIST]

Fiona Forbes: ‘Thank you to Erin Ireland for the amazing, delicious, delectable banana bread on my desk this morning…it truly is To Die For!’

Jay DeMerit: ‘JUST IN: Erin Ireland’s Banana Bread is in fact, To Die 4. Despite the rumors. #itsgonenowsoimbackfromthedead.’

Sammy Piccolo: ‘Best friggen banana bread ever.’

Cassandra Anderton: ‘Banana Bread was given to miss this morning by Erin Ireland – I planned on eating it over two days, NOT two minutes! Delish!’

Bobby Simpson: ‘Thanks to Darren for bringing in the best banana bread ever of all time in history. But mostly to Erin Ireland for the actual geniusing.’

Luch Balao: ‘I feel like I’ve been beaten to death with fists made of happiness and macadamia.’

Nicole Dennis Durnin: ‘Thank you so much for the AMAZING Banana Bread. I now know what everyone was talking about.’

Chris Hancock: ‘Thank you to Erin Ireland for the amazing banana bread. It’s BETTER than everyone says and is in fact to die for.’

Leighann Boquist-Bold: ‘The banana bread is out of this world amazing. Seriously, amazing! No one else at Oliver & Lilly’s stood a chance of having a bite, I sat nicely and quietly enjoying every single gobble.’

Tamara Durkin: ‘OMG…I just had THE BEST banana bread ever; Erin, you are a goddess!’

Svetlana Romanova: ‘I need antibanana bread’s pills asap! Every night…this is just too much for me! Seriously. It’s my kind of taste, my taste buds were in heaven, I swaer! I don’t like sweet banana bread at all but I loved yours!’

@7thcanuck: Three of my fav things: hockey, beer and banana bread. Erin, your bread is heavenly delicious! [PIC]

Chris Gonzalez: ‘Just had some of Erin’s famous banana bread and the answer is yes. It’s to die for.

Christie Lohr: ‘Erin, I can not wait for your banana bread to be in Whole Foods so I can pick up a loaf on a weekly basis!’

Carson Ting: ‘I’ve seen it & heard about it but now I’ve tasted it for reals. Best Banana bread ever by Erin Ireland.

Jay DeMerit: ‘Question of the Day: Does Erin Ireland have 65 ovens or more hours in a day than most of us to bake 800 Banana breads to keep us all happy?’

Justin Li: ‘Erin Ireland’s ‘It’s To Die For Banana Bread’ is the TRUTH.’

Shannon Bosa: ‘She [Shannon’s daughter] loves the banana bread. Says it’s to die for! [PIC]

Jeremy Szafron: ‘I snuck a bite of Erin’s banana bread last night. Gotta give it to ya – to die for. Let’s get it in a store!’

Jan Galvez: ‘I had a couple slices of Erin’s banana bread. It’s sooo good I can’t put it to words yet! I’ll be able to put together some feedback when I get control of my senses. It’s too good!’

Chef Chris Irving: ‘It is delicious! I don’t just like it, I LOVE IT! A very BIG thank you for the amazing gift! …her city-wide famous, fresh baked banana bread I have heard so much about. Totally made my day!’

Luch Balao: ‘Okay, I just had my first bite of Erin’s much hyped-up bread. It’s good, people. Terrifyingly good.’

Jasper Anson: ‘I’m starting to think that Vancouver needs a museum to properly showcase Erin’s banana bread.’

Jeremy Lim: ‘Guys, you’re going to get fat and you don’t have a say in it.’

Jill Killeen: ‘Jean-Georges (Vongerichten) loved your banana bread!’

Robyn Jesson: ‘Best surprise this morning – Erin’s amazing banana bread! Really IS to die 4! Can’t wait for it in Whole Foods!’

Chris Gonzalez: ‘If you’ll permit a little Shakespeare ‘She shines like a jewel in an Ethiop’s ear’ (she also bakes some mean banana bread).’

Dilara Hamid: ‘Still blown away by Erin’s ‘It’s To Die For Banana Bread’. If you haven’t tried it, you’re missing out on life.’

Kristinann Janishefski: ‘Erin was kind enough to bring her famous to die for banana loaf and it is honestly THE BEST I’VE EVER HAD.’

Jennifer Koning: ‘So proud of being one of the first to try Erin’s famous banana bread! It’ SO amazing!’

Tom Shepansky: ‘Amazing. Decadent.’

Marda Miller: ‘Thank you so much for the heavenly banana bread. I just shared some with my sister who had had three pieces because she loved it so much. It exceeds the much anticipated hype; it really is a delectable indulgence! I am so thrilled that I got to try some so thank you again for the opportunity.’

Suzannah Millette: ‘One of the coordinators here at our office admitted her skepticism that it could be the best banana bread. “Oh please,” she said, “Everybody thinks they have the best banana bread.”  Then she tried it…to. die. for.’

Jan Galvez: ‘The banana bread is soo good! The chocolate and macadamia nuts top if off very nicely – heavenly. I left it overnight too and I was hoping for it to firm up but it stayed very moist like you said. I’m trying to restrain myself from eating all of it in a couple sittings. Even though I had high expectations, it still exceeded them. Thank you for the amazing bread!’

@foodandtell: ‘Erin, the famed banana bread was excellent, do you always carry it in your purse…warm?’

Jillian Harris: ‘AHEM. Did you drug my banana bread??!?! The secret’s out Ireland. I am addicted. And not in one of those ‘nice’ ways where people say that just because they really like something. Like in the way that I’ve stopped functioning as a human being and am about one day from curling up in the fetal position and calling my mom or a shrink if I don’t get more.’

Alyssa Dawson: ‘Erin, if you’re reading this, I now have one huge problem: how do I ever eat another kind of banana bread? Here’s crossing my fingers we’ll all be able to pick it up in our grocery stores.’ Read Alyssa’s full banana bread review here.

Creme Vancouver: ‘It is magic! AMAZING…with tea or coffee.’

Kerry Morrison: ‘I’ve had the banana bread before. I’ll take complicated to have it again.’

Jillian Harris: ‘Guess what all my guests got as a take home treat last night? Hint… It’s to die for!’

Lindsey Smith: ‘I feel like it’s just a matter of time before your Banana Bread is a trending topic. So happy I’ve tasted the magic!’

Shannon Bosa: ‘Enjoying a night in with my kids, dogs, Wii and Erin’s banana bread. Heaven!’

Karm Sumal: ‘I’ve been craving Erin’s banana bread ever since I got a little taste!’

Keri Earnshaw: ‘Now that was the BEST Banana Bread I have EVER tasted!’

Chef Josh Wolfe: ‘I like my banana bread just like that!’

Erin Gee: ‘You are the banana bread queen.’

Nicole Dennis Durnin: ‘Get your orders in people! Best BB ever!’

Emily Psimoulis: ‘Officially, your banana bread is the best!’

Bobby Simpson: ‘Okay, I’m supper buzzed right now but that’s some AMAZING banana bread.’

Martine Yen: ‘I just tried Erin’s banana bread. Ladies and gents, it is in fact to die for!’

Elsa Corsi: ‘TOTALLY shelf worthy!’

Allana Lalot: ‘It was ridiculously yummy!’

@themegaroons: ‘Erin – you’re going to need to get a food truck of your own to support this banana bread addiction you’ve started!’

L’Abattoir: ‘Erin, nicest surprise I’ve had in a while. It’s to do die for banana bread is totally legit! Get some!’

@VanVitaminDaily: ‘At Erin’s banana bread launch, and yes, it’s to die for. Get it at Commune Cafe!’

Andrea Baxter: ‘You should have THIS to die for banana bread on your show, Rachael Ray. Amazeballs! Will be in Whole Foods soon!’

Mon Hibbs: ‘Just tried the most amazing banana bread by Erin Ireland, OMG! It’s out of this world amazing! Had to put it in the freezer to stop eating it!’

Elsa Corsi: ‘Must.Stop.Eating.Banana.Bread.Sigh.’

Christine Visnjak: ‘I picked up the bb yesterday; I sat down and literally had a “moment” at Commune Cafe. It was delicious – so moist, salty yet sweet! I shared a piece with my friend and he couldn’t stop talking about the macadamia nuts and chocolate on top. So glad I got the half loaf….I had another piece this morning and I’m going to share the rest with my sister and one of my girls at the store. I know they’ll love it too! The bb definitely lived up to my expectations!  You have created a bb worth talking about!’

Chris Gonzalez: ‘Christmas came early this year! Erin’s scrumdiddlyumptious to die for Banana Bread is now for sale at Commune Cafe.’

Casey Jo-Loos: ‘Just tried Erin’s melt-in-your-mouth It’s To Die For Banana Bread found at Commune Cafe – GO NOW! So good, can’t breathe.’

@mydealbagvan: ‘We’d do anything to help someone who brings such moist and flavorful Banana Bread into this world!’

Shannon Bosa-Yacoub: ‘Thanks for the banana bread delivery! Emad loved it. [PIC]’

Chris Breikss: ‘Thank you Erin and Commune Cafe for the delicious banana bread…It’s to Die For. [PIC]’

Jesse Schimmel: ‘Breaking news: Erin’s banana bread is hotter than Atlantis space shuttle launch. Get some! Bread was highlight of road trip!’

@flatgrantfoul: ‘Best banana bread ever!’

Christie Lohr: ‘Who’s coming down for Erin’s banana bread? It’s being scooped up fast! Sooo delish! [PIC]’

Darcie Nolan: ‘I can now OFFICIALLY say that Erin Ireland’s Banana Bread is TRULY to die for!!!’

Shakeira MacLean: ‘Mmm, that’s darn tasty banana bread, Erin. Great job’

Nadia Albano: ‘Savouring banana bread by Erin Ireland…it’s TO DIE FOR!’

Mike Jang: ‘Great to finally meet Erin and try her delicious banana bread! Go to Commune now for a sample!’

Deanna Palkowski: ‘That’s some good shit. The shit is bananas!!! So good. Feed me more. [PIC]’

@KC306: ‘I just got back to the office with a loaf of Erin’s BB for sharing. Half of it’s gone already! It’s a hit!’

Irving Lau: ‘Finally getting a taste of Erin’s banana bread at the Commune. Holy crap! I wanna buy a whole loaf!’

Scott Carlson: ‘It was soooooo delicious.’

Marguerite Caunt: ‘That’s the best banana bread I’ve ever had! Thank you!’

‘It’s To Die For Banana Bread Chit Chat’

@greenchairevents: ‘Looking forward to picking up my banana bread from Erin Ireland later this week. Not saying where or when, as I don’t want to get robbed.’

@Sliceof Luch: ‘This banana bread sounds epic. And I know my banana bread. Me thinks a loaf, purely for judgmental purposes, is in order. I am so ready for it. Do I have to suit up? Because I am prepared to treat this baby with the respect it deserves.’

Farhan Mohamed: ‘Got me some of Erin’s banana bread! Eight people and a few minutes later…it’s to die for, really: [PIC]

@elsa_corsi: ‘Erin just drooped off my banana bread order five minutes ago and it’s almost gone! I guess the rumors are true…it is to die for!’

@ac_awesome: ‘This banana bread is like a mythical pot of gold that everyone’s had but me! Please FedEx, Erin!’

@grumpybuttfunny: ‘Erin, why are you doing this? Your baked goods look soooo good. Keep it up gonna order some then the wife is gonna leave!’

@meghancf: ‘Any chance of you concocting a Vegan version of your famed banana bread so the ‘Let’s F Cancer’ team can try? We heart you and your banana bread endeavours!’

Brittany Law: ‘Ok, this is so funny…I’ve been hearing about Erin’s banana bread from everyone (literally). Is it MAGIC banana bread?’

Irv Lau: ‘Everytime you post something about banana bread, I cry because I have no idea how I were to ever get a taste.’

@JonathanBallot: ‘Erin, pweeese tweet me your biggest piece of Banana Bread!’

Gary Ho: ‘Can you please send a loaf [to California]? If you freeze it, it will be perfect by the time it gets here.’

@nealsimpson: ‘Erin how good can said banana bread be?! Seems like you have fans worldwide!’

Jill Killeen: ‘Jay Jones caught in the Erin Ireland banana bread act…& loving it! http://t.co/bszu8O

@hitsingles: ‘Taste tested ‘It’s To Die For’ banana bread from Erin Ireland and as expected ‘its to die for’…so good.’

@BBelleBakery: ‘I hear your banana bread is literally to die for!’

Nisha Khare: ‘I’m looking forward to trying your world renowned banana bread! I hear so much about it. Where can I get some?’

Malania Dela Cruz: ‘I’m dying to try your infamous banana bread. When can I place an order?’

Mon Hibbs: ‘I NEED to try your banana bread! Hottest and yummiest thing in Vancity I’ve heard!’

Ross Brown: ‘I think the Canucks needs some of your banana bread.’

@themanetease: ‘Okay, I give in…where can I get this banana bread from? Does it come with chocolate chips?’

@harveyandrew: ‘Your banana bread was the main thing missing from last night! Sophia, Roger, Nicole, and Kristen and I are discussing the wonders of the ‘It’s To Die For  Banana Bread’.’

@swankmama: ‘I really need to try Erin’s banana bread. I hear it’s to die for…!’

@jeremysball: ‘Have you looked into Dragon’s Den? You’re ratings are gold with your bread.’

Alissa Sadler: ‘Alright Erin, who do I need to duel, or what epic mountain pass do I need to cross to get some of your banana bread?’

@rlazazzera: ‘I have heard a lot of good things about the quality of your product. How can I go about acquiring some of this “merchandise”?’

Chef Alex Tung: ‘Been hearing way too much about your banana bread.’

Nadine Schiavone: ‘That banana bread you keep posting is making me sooo hungry. I need to try it!’

Shannon Bosa: ‘Erin, I fear that’s what will happen with your banana bread. I plan to wear my fat pants on our next meeting.’

Sandy Sumra: ‘Any guess what my midnight snack was? Yup…the famous banana bread.’

Andrew Ronald: ‘I would love to get some more banana bread from you. I would like to pay for it this time! What will it cost me?’

@eventenvybc: ‘That banana bread looks incredible!’

Nicole Dennis Durnin: ‘Still wondering when I will get a little taste of this famous Banana Bread.’

@BrandanPrice: ‘#FF @erin_ireland for her super fresh banana bread. I’ve heard amazing things!’

@DavidSojka: ‘My twit feed is all Erin Ireland’s banana bread and #fatindiebands.’

@kt_belle: ‘Inspired by Erin Ireland. I plan to make banana bread this weekend. YUM!’

@danudey: ‘After weeks of hearing about this banana bread and not experiencing it first hand, I have to know – how do I get in on this?’

@virtualvancouver: ‘#FF Erin Ireland because I keep hearing about this banana bread and am hoping she will reveal her secrets.’

Farhan Mohamed: ‘Everyone’s always raving about your banana bread. How do I get some?’

Christie Lohr: ‘I’m starving and Erin’s famous and Vancouver’s best banana bread would really hit the spot right now.’

Jan Galvez: ‘Christmas has come early this year! Smells sooo good. It’s To Die For Banana Bread: [PIC]

@CamilleWho: ‘Erin’s banana bread is all over my twitter feed! Gotta get me some of that!’

@cwistal: ‘When your banana bread enterprise gets big – please consider a delivery option.’

Shameer P: ‘I’ve heard about your crazy banana bread — it’s the talk of the town. Definitely a fan.’

@BreatheCouture: ‘I’m having a serious craving for Erin’s banana loaf or one of her banana chocolate chip muffins!’

Jacinta Gavinio: ‘Oh, I could’ve used your banana bread this weekend. I want it fresh outta the oven!’

Jeremy Lim: ‘Hey – when does the banana bread go to market? I’m craving some right now. That and a tall glass of milk.’

@maryinvancity: ‘Heading down to Downtown Sweaters meet-up. And folks, I have some of Erin’s famous banana bread to share!’

Conner Galway: ‘Just tried Erin’s famous banana bread courtesy of @maryinvancity at Downtown Sweaters…amazing!

Cheryl Tan: ‘You should totally start charging people for your b-bread! Everyone raves about it. I do too!’

@Finnspace: ‘All this talk of your banana bread is intriguing – I have always prided myself on mine – maybe a banana bread off?’

BC Chapter of AMA: ‘Oolala! Everyone has to try Erin’s Its to Die for Banana Bread! Delish.’

@Dilaralit: ‘So much buzz around this famous banana bread. I’m anxiously awaiting my loaf!’

@GoodLifeVan: ‘Erin’s banana bread didn’t last long enough for a picture!’

Sophia Cheng: ‘Omg, Erin’s banana bread sounds like it would taste so amazing!’

@GoodLifeVan: ‘I just want a piece of banana bread – just a bite. Please.’

Cowie & Fow Advertising Agency: ‘All this talk about your banana bread, we would sure love to try some!’

@masalapuri: ‘Damn girl! The melting white/milk chocolate on top of your banana bread looks delish – you should courier some to us!’

@Elim_Chu: ‘Erin, I need to try this famous Banana Bread of yours. I would eat….three pieces max. Is that too greedy?’

@Summer_Dhillon: ‘Could you send me a piece of banana bread through Cassandra?’

@Sanazj: ‘I’ve heard so much about your magical banana bread and I’d love to try it!’

@brittanyyu: ‘You’re killing me with the banana bread posts. I have never thought of banana bread so much in my life.’

Dawn Chubai: ‘The one and only Erin Ireland made a special delivery to Breakfast Television leaving me with a very difficult decision! [video]

@WhistlerBrad: ‘Having the best banana bread from Erin Ireland at the Whistler Tweet-up: [PIC]

@King_Kabuz: ‘Nom nom nom. I’d be the banana loaf monster in your house, Erin.’

@IshraSharif: ‘Just realized I won’t get banana bread any longer tomorrow. Sad face.’

CBC Weathercaster Simone Grewal: ‘I will try [incorporate the banana bread into the forecast] tomorrow night!’

Dawn Chubai: ‘On Breakfast Television this morning: Erin brought some of her famous Banana Bread to Whistler: [PIC]’

@BillT13: ‘I WANT some of your “WORLD FAMOUSBANANA BREAD”!!!!!! Please. According to Jilly [Harris] it’s the best…’

@John_C_Davies: ‘Oh. my. gott! Do they have twitsniff? They should totally invent that just for your banana bread.’

@vanvitamindaily: ‘Hope to get my hands on the To-Die-For banana bread soon.’

@jeremysball: ‘Island living. The only thing bringing me back is Erin and her banana bread on Saturday.’

@emBall: ‘This is the banana bread we’re having for dessert. Damn: [PIC]’

Evangelia Kondilis: ‘Finally got some banana bread. L O V E  I T!!!!!!’

May Globus: ‘Oh my, Erin. This banana bread really does look like it’s to die for: [PIC]’

@thatgirlcartier: ‘I think that’s my problem! Substituting delicious food for delicious men! That being said, I MUST try your banana bread!’

@yasmin_a: ‘Is your banana bread a trending topic yet?!’

Sandy Sumra: ‘I have the shakes – in desperate need of a hit. Can’t wait till Saturday and banana bread.’

@ronniemurakami: ‘I need to get in on Erin Ireland’s banana loaf hoopla!’

@misscheryltan: ‘Collected my scrumptious b-bread with a handwritten card from the lovely Erin Ireland [PIC]’

@farhanmohamed: ‘Can’t wait to get home & try some of Erin’s banana bread! Tempted to open it in the car. Must not give in.’

@dilara_hamid: ‘Look what I got in my hot little hands! Yup, Erin’s ‘It’s To Die For Banana Bread! [PIC]’

@jenstoddart: ‘I’m dying to get my hands on some of Erin Ireland’s banana bread.’

@threesixtykelly: ‘People keep talking about the amazing bread! How do I get in on it?’

@tambellini_girl: ‘Okay, how the hell do I get some of this Banana bread that seems to be taking over Twitter world?’

@ShawnaJacques: ‘I need to try this to die for banana bread that everyone is raving about!’

@dallasbphoto: ‘I keep hearing about this legendary banana bread of yours…I smell bake-off! Bring some by CTV sometime so we can taste!’

The Dirty Apron: ‘I can’t wait to head to Commune Cafe for some tasty banana bread!’

Ellis Dee: ‘Pretty sure if push came to shove, I could beat Mike Tyson for the last loaf of It’s To Die For Banana Bread.’

May Globus: ‘Starting Saturday night off right with It’s To Die For banana bread, hand delivered by the lovely baker, Erin Ireland! [PIC]’

Jesse Schimmel: ‘I’d sacrifice Christmas for a personalized loaf.’

Luch Balao: ‘I want to come but I’m at working! Come down to Sanafir and I’ll trade you a cocktail for an end-piece!

@Yads: ‘RUNNING to the wonderful Commune Cafe in an attempt to snag a piece of Erin Ireland’s banana bread. Rumour has it, it’s to die for.’

Vancouver View Magazine: ‘Haven’t yet tried VV food contributor Erin Ireland’s It’s To Die For Banana Bread? Head to Commune Cafe right now & snag a piece for yourself!’

Lynsey Brothers: ‘Try Erin’s It’s To Die For Banana Bread. Trust me, it’s delish.’

Andrea Baxter: ‘Spotted at Urban Rush! Erin Ireland’s famous to die for Banana Bread! [PIC]’

Shannon Bosa-Yacoub: ‘Craving Erin’s banana bread. Have been for days now.’

Devon Brooks: ‘If you haven’t had Erin’s It’s To Die For Banana Bread, you can now at Commune Cafe.’

Dilara Litonjua: ‘Counting down the days till I’m re-united with Erin’s banana bread. I cannot tell you how excited I am for this.’

Alyssa Dawson: ‘Counting down to Erin’s banana bread. Now you need to get it out to us suburbanites.’

Derek Gray: ‘I know the hard working staff at Cibo would love to taste your banana bread sometime, just throwing it out there. Wink.’

Jennifer Sharon: ‘So proud of being one of the first to try your famous banana bread! It’s SO amazing! Time for more best banana bread.’

H. Bahia: ‘I’m intrigued to try this Banana bread, which is bascially your life’s love at the moment as I can tell. I dont expect a fresh batch to be mailed to the UK for me, so I am making the effort to fly over and get some, (yeah right) vacation time and summering in Van City for a month, so tell me please if you dont mind food superstar, where does one pick up a sample of your bread.

Shameer P.: ‘I would so lick your face for those crumbs of It’s To Die For Banana Bread.’

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