Japanese Pickled Turnips by Hana Etsuko of “One World Kitchen”

Need a weekend food project? While watching One World Kitchen, a new multicultural-Canadian cooking show, I was inspired to try host Hana Etsuko’s Pickled Turnips. They’re easy-to-make, beautiful to look at, and sure to add a little pizzazz to your meals.

Start by peeling your turnips, then slicing them thinly with a mandolin. In a big sieve, sprinkle the turnip slices with salt and massage so their liquids are released.

Next, wipe down several pieces of Kombu (dried kelp) with a damp cloth to remove some of its saltiness, then break it into small pieces.

Now the fun begins. Grab your pickling jars and begin layering. Start with a few turnip slices, then add a piece of kombu, a small sprinkling of dried chili peppers and a pinch of grated fresh ginger. Repeat those steps until your jars are full.

To finish, dissolve a few tablespoons of sugar and a bit pinch of salt into enough rice wine vinegar to fill your jars, then pour this solution over top of your turnips. Set in the fridge for three days and enjoy.

View all of Hana’s Japanese recipes here and read more about One World Kitchen here.

This story was written for 102.7 The Peak


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