Kitchen Sink Pizza with Beet Balsamic Spread and Gluten Free Crust

This pizza was born out of a desperation to try Pikanik’s gluten fricken free pizza dough (discovered through SPUD). I’d had the dough in my fridge for a few days — I had to use it up. Since my fridge was empty of traditional pizza toppings, I went with whatever I had. As I type, about a quarter of the entire large pizza remains on the nearby table…there’s no one home but Effie and I. Translation: success. Hope you love it!



1 Pikanik gluten free pizza dough ball
1 Tub Spread’em Kitchen Beet Cashew Balsamic Spread
1 Red beet
1 Chioggia beet
5 Sprigs thyme
1 Block Smoked Tofu
1/4 c. White beans
1 Small watermelon radish
1 Small head radicchio
2 tbsp Parmesan (I use Go Veggie brand)
1/2 Avocado (sliced)


1. Roll out your dough and cook bare according to package instructions.

2. Slice your beets (the red and the chioggia) thinly, rub with oil and roast for 15 minutes at 400F.

3. Remove pizza crust from oven and spread thickly with Spread’em Kitchen Beet Cashew Balsamic Spread.

4. Layer on your roasted beets and avocado. Top with thinly chopped radicchio, thyme, slivered tofu, shaved watermelon radish, white beans and parmesan.

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