L’Abattoir: Fit to Slaughter Competition

Gastown’s slaughterhouse has arrived.  

That would be Vancouver’s brand new restaurant: L’Abattoir.

In a mere hour, the stunning space, characterized by natural wood, exposed brick, and French tiling, stole my heart and aroused daydreams of romantic evenings spent dining cozily in the plush, high-ceilinged atrium (left).

Gastown’s new ‘it’ spot, whose name is French for ‘slaughterhouse’, is led by a stacked team of Vancouver restaurant industry heavy hitters.  At 217 Carrall Street, in the heart of the historic district, it’s location could be seen as prophetic for an eatery boasting all the ingredients for high-profile success.

Masters at Their Crafts:

Chef Lee Cooper: a finalist in the Canadian National Bocuse D’Or Competition who has worked in several Michelin starred restaurants.

GM Paul Grunberg: a cultured, world traveler who honed his restaurant skills in Switzerland and has run top spots in Vancouver like Chambar, Market at Shangri-La, and Bao Bei.

Head Barman Shaun Layton: known as Vancouver’s best, has competed overseas, and recently won Vancouver Magazine’s Bartender of the Year award.

Sommelier Jake Skakun: a graduate of UC Davis’ winemaking program who also studied in leading culinary cities: Paris, San Francisco, and Berlin.

Striking interior design by Vancouver-based David Hepworth
Bewildering shelves sure to confuse inebriated patrons
L'abattoir cooks prepping the opening night's beautiful, dainty appetizers
Mattaki oyster with asparagus strudel in a sumptuous lemon butter sauce
CityTV's Thor Diakow debating over another fresh lemon ricotta doughnut hole
David the bartender, aka Jude Law's twin (he's got the accent, too), serving the popular Slaughterhouse Punch
'It's not only fruity, wonderful, & refreshing - it will also cure scurvy,' commented food & lifestyle writer Heather Watson

A few of the ‘clean, fresh, and seasonal flavours’ to anticipate: Dungeness crab custard, zucchini and homemade mozzarella cheese, and roasted flank steak with sweetbreads served alongside potato fondants, charred onion and fried peppers.

And vegetarians?  Don’t fear.  The only slaughtering to be done by l’Abattoir is of its competition.  You should follow their success on Twitter.

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