Loaded Nachos with Creamy Queso, Roasted Jalapenos and Mushrooms

During summertime, do you find yourself mulling over what to bring to a gathering or what to serve dinner party guests every weekend, too? There’s no such thing as having too many fun, easy appetizer recipes on hand. However quite often, the easiest solution is tortilla chips and [fill in the blank]. You can’t go wrong. Even on their own, salted tortilla chips always disappear fast at parties. And they are practically a synonym for party time. This recipe, however, is hearty, healthy and absolutely loaded with delicious toppings.

As for which tortilla chips to choose, Que Pasa is the only organic, non-gmo project verified chip on the market that’s made with stoneground whole corn with real volcanic lava stone. And they come from a mindful, local, family-owned company who chooses quality ingredients not to lure shoppers, but because they actually care about the Earth. ‘Organics’ are not just great for our personal health, but the practices that surround this method of farming support a healthy, vibrant world.

Que Pasa offers nine different types of organic tortilla chips, including special edition ‘O Canada Chips’, made with stone ground red and white organic corn kernels — how fun for Canada Day. Organic salsas are also part of Que Pasa’s line-up. There are three versions to choose from, including chipotle (smoky and amazing!), mild and medium.

Recipe Instructions

Head to Feed me Phoebe’s site here for the healthy nacho recipe.

Here’s how I adapted the dish:

  • For the tortilla chips, I used a mix of Que Pasa’s Salted Organic Torilla Chips and their Organic Black Bean Tortilla Chips (for flavour and appearance)
  • Along with the nachos, I served a side of Que Pasa Organic Chipotle Salsa (so good!)
  • To thicken up the cauliflower queso, I added 1 tbsp of arrowroot powder (or corn starch) mixed with a bit of water
  • Make sure to use a large cauliflower (or two small heads), otherwise your queso will end up runny
  • I added sliced black olives as a garnish, because black olives…need I say more?
  • If you don’t like heat, use pickled, sliced jalapenos (the kind that come in a jar) instead of the fresh version mentioned in Phoebe’s recipe
  • Instead of a shallot, I used half a red onion (but any onion will do)
  • Instead of dairy cheese, I used vegan cheese

Enjoy – and happy Canada Day appetizer-making!

Big thanks to Nature’s Path and Que Pasa for sponsoring this post!

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