Metro Vancouver Lunch Rush: Gorilla Food

Delhi Doubler Veggie Burger & Hempnotik Shake

Searching for a vegan restaurant downtown? Look no further.

What do Demi Moore and the Dalai Lama have in common?  Aside from looking incredibly youthful for their ages – 48 and 75 respectively – they both adhere to a vegan diet that may have them celebrating this November…it’s World Vegan Month!

On a quest for the plant-derived fountain of youth, I ventured underground (literally) to Gorilla Food, a cozy organic-vegan-raw bar, to join in the global salute to veganism.

Imagining what the Dalai Lama might’ve chosen himself, I selected the Delhi Doubler ($11).  Its grainy, walnut hemp seed patties were stacked and lathered with sweet, house made, sun dried tomato ketchup.  Topping the modest creation was the pièce de resistance: a creamy yet spicy cashew curry sauce.  The burger’s flourless bun is guilt-free, made simply with flax seed and a blend of vegetables: do not go bunless!

Washing it all down was a meal in itself: the nutty Hempnotik Creamy Almond Shake ($6.25) with hemp protein and dates for mild sweetness.  Toast veganism with a glass of this bubbly.

Gorilla Food
101-436 Richards St.

This article was written for Metro Newspaper by contributing food columnist, Erin Ireland. 

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